10 highlights from our 10th year

Asante Africa

#1 — New Decade, New Look

In January we rolled out a new brand and website. Over the last ten years we have expanded substantially and our new brand represents our commitment and focus on educating and empowering youth in Africa. Our website was redesigned to provide an enhanced user experience for you so you can stay connected with our exciting achievements!

#2 — We amazed the attendees of the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) Summit in Atlanta!

Asante Africa’s GAP-Wezesha Vijana Program impressed the crowd following a United Nations Girls Education Initiative (UNGEI) case study, which details that more than ten times as many Wezesha girls scored above average marks in standard examinations compared to a control group. The LEI Program shared the spotlight as well with the Pay it Forward component being a key differentiator to other programs.

Asante Africa

#3 — Youngest Philanthropists Award — Big Change Comes in Small Packages

For the last eight years, Orion School, a Title I school of 260 students (grades one to five) in California, has raised thousands of dollars for youth in Africa during their annual walk-a-thon. Their support was recognized in May when they received the “Youngest Philanthropist” Award at Asante Africa’s Textures of Transformation event. The motivation and joy expressed by these students is both humbling and exciting.

#4 — “The Results Are In” — Five Years of Data Speaks Out

In July, the results of the LEI 5 year impact study showed the success of the program’s approach. Quantitative and qualitative measures demonstrated that the hands-on approach and pay-it-forward philosophy are key to success and improved quality of life for our students.

Asante Africa

#5 — Kenya’s Deputy Chief of Mission to the U.S. is Guest Speaker at “Global Philanthropy and Investment”, San Francisco!

We hosted our Global Philanthropy Event in San Francisco, which focused on youth, economy, and educating the next generation. We had the honor of hearing from David Gacheru, who is the Deputy Chief of Mission out of the Kenya Embassy in Washington D.C.

#6— Amplifying Impact — “Smart Start Kits”

In May and June, “Smart Start” digital packages were introduced to 17 secondary schools. These technology-laden kits, including a laptop, an LCD projector, a hotspot and LEI curriculum workbooks, are essential to developing 21st century skills. The technology drives leadership and entrepreneurial growth by providing new educational and informational resources in subjects like physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics.

Asante Africa

#7— Launching 122 Additional Entrepreneurs into East Africa — Asante Africa’s Leadership and Entrepreneurship Summit

Asante Africa hosted its 8th annual Leadership and Entrepreneurship Summit. The five-day event, for the students, created awareness of future opportunities that they didn’t believe existed. For the teachers, it was an opportunity to learn how to take the material for the summit and deliver it to the youth in their own communities.

#8 — CEO highlighted in Kenya’s “Daily Nation” News.

After attending the 72nd United Nations General Assembly, at which the Presidents of Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Malawi pledged to support the end of the practice of child marriages in their countries by 2030, Asante Africa sent an open letter to the presidents of Kenya and Tanzania urging them to do the same.

Asante Africa

#9 — University Graduate Shares Her Journey to the Finish Line- Celebrating 24 Graduates This Season

We were blessed to have 24 students graduate this year. 21 students graduated from secondary/primary school and three graduated from university. It is an incredible accomplishment for the youth to complete a university education and we are honored to have been a part of that. Luciana, an orphan in Tanzania, successfully earned her Bachelor’s in Nutrition and shares her personal story.

#10 — Procter & Gamble Partnership-Stronger Together for the Girls

Evidence continues to validate that the Wezesha Vijana Program keeps girls in school and develops economic, health and social assets to assist them towards futures of greater opportunity and success. Procter & Gamble is a key partner in that effort by providing needed sanitary products for the girls in our program.

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