You're invited to celebrate our 10th year!

Complex layers of brilliance, talent, and beauty woven together for the tapestry of transformation.


May 6, 2017  |  6pm - 9pm

Piedmont Community Hall  |  Oakland, CA  |  VIEW MAP



Now more than ever we are coming together as a global community to mobilize for the next decade. Join us for an exciting evening of learning and sharing through hands-on, interactive activities. Participate in lively conversations with empowered youth, enjoy delicious food, and dance to your heart’s content.



Flavors of African cuisine and the rhythm of African drums sets the stage for an inspirational talk that empowers each of us to embrace our roles in the movement that makes transformation possible.

*Family Friendly Event

  • Keynote Speaker - Orly Friedman
  • African Inspired Cuisine
  • Hands-on Interactive Activities
  • Video Message From the Students and Team
  • African Dance Lessons
  • Giveaway Winner Chosen



Master of Ceremonies - DOUG NELSON

President of California Pacific Medical Center Foundation




Orly FriedmanSchool Principal, Khan Academy

Orly Friedman is the School Director and member of the founding team of Khan Lab School in Mountain View, CA. Khan Lab School is an independent school associated with Khan Academy, which is dedicated to pioneering models of learning that put students at the center. Orly holds an MA in Early Childhood Education, and an MBA from Stanford University.



Tickets: $80 *NGO & Student Discount






Join us for 10 months of giving to impact the lives of even more youth! During the next 10 monthswe hope to:

Dress for Success!

10 scholars would appreciate new uniforms, underwear and shoes.
($4 a month will buy uniform supplies for 1 scholar!)

Break out the Beakers! 

10 Schools would appreciate beakers and gas burners for chemistry exams. Many schools do not have science equipment; help teachers teach and students learn! 
($10 a month will buy lab equipment for 1 school!)

Cultivate Youth Activists!

10 Youth would like to attend our Youth Summit!
($25 a month will send 1 youth to the summit!)


Empower Young Girls!

10 Girls would like to attend our Girls Advancement Program to learn about their sexual reproductive health and equality rights.
($25 a month will send 1 girl to our girls advancement program!)


Educate the Next Generation!

10 New deserving students would like the opportunity to attend school and ultimately acheive their dreams
($85 a month will provide full-tutition, room & board and personal supplies!)


Crack the Books!

10 Schools would like to use tablets in the classroom for educational learning. Tablets hold academic curriculum books, reading books, and can access educational khan lab and wikipedia material through a classroom hub.
($1,000 a month can provide tablets for 1 school, benefitting more than 400 students!) 

You choose!  An amount of your choice will go directly to supporting our youth, programs, Africa staff, and the communities they serve.






We’ve unleashed the power of a generation that has started to take charge and lead, but many are hungry for the opportunity to do the same. We challenge ourselves to build on what we’ve accomplished and to take action in support of another generation that is eager for their chance to create change.



Wezesha Vijana’s after school program and LEI’s skills building workshops address the need that girls have for extra support. Together, we are building up young women that can stand up for their rights, and are equipped to make a difference in the world they live in.


What are the issues around gender inequality today? What harmful practices against girls still continue? How much of an impact do educated women make in a country’s GDP? The answers, and more interesting facts, when you take this quiz!


More and more people are taking action! Whether it’s selling lemonade, or setting up your own donation page, our collective actions make a big difference. Here’s your chance to show us your own efforts to raise money for education and change.


This volunteer-organized, but open-to-all running event, is our way of putting the FUN into fundraising. Sign up to run, or pledge your support for 1 or many of your friends, while getting to know more people in our community.

10th Year GIVEAWAY

Our Facebook giveaway is back by popular demand! Win our freshest picks from Africa simply by being a part of our Facebook community, and liking and sharing! Good luck!


As we get ready to build on the last 10 years and take things even further, one of our challenges as a community is to create a much bigger reach. Imagine if each of us leverages on our networks to get 10 friends to commit to the 10 for 10 challenge?


Knowledge transfer, or paying it forward, is a habit we instill in our youth in Africa. Celebrating this anniversary puts us in a unique position to do the same. 10 years of results, 10 years of learning what works. Watch out for it!


Our Fall Event brings with it the opportunity to meet and have meaningful conversations with some of our most dynamic scholars from Africa. We’re getting ready to line up 10 luncheons to commemorate our 10 years, so make sure to sign up for one of them!


All these 10th year activities are leading up to our Fall Event. We’re expecting you at Berkeley’s International House when it happens on October 24th and challenge you to bring a friend!

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb