10th Anniversary Celebrations

Sprint for Success!

JUNE 10th, 2017

5K, 10K, 15K

Canyon Meadows, Redwood Regional Park

Come out on June 10th to sprint for success!

Join us as we run, walk, skip the gorgeous trails of Redwood Regional Park.


The course will start at Canyon Meadows with three distances:

5k out and back on the flat, shady Stream trail (next to a real stream!); 10k continues on the Stream trail up a moderate hill to Skyline Gate Staging Area then back to Canyon Meadows; lastly a 15k which continues from Skyline Gate on West Ridge trail, dropping into Redwood Bowl and down the Madrone trail to the French trail and finally reuniting with the Stream trail for the finish.

(please note: the 15k has highly technical trails as well as rolling hills; you’ve been warned!)  

Can’t make the run but would like to support us?

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  • 7:45-9:15AM Bib Pick-Up  
  • 8:30AM 15K Start
  • 9:00AM 10k Start
  • 9:30AM 5K start
  • Canyon Meadows  - View Course Map
  • 5k, 10k, & 15k Winner Prizes & Raffle Prizes!
  • Park Entrance is $5
  • Aid stations will be placed along the course
  • No one will be turned away for lack of funds! 

Let’s do our best to lower our impact at Redwood Regional Park - please bring your own water bottle and try to carpool. 

Please contact Loren for more information and find out how you can volunteer!

All donations will go directly to supporting our youth, programs, and communities we serve in Kenya and Tanzania.



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Join us for 10 months of giving to impact the lives of even more youth! During the next 10 monthswe hope to:

Dress for Success!

10 scholars would appreciate new uniforms, underwear and shoes.
($4 a month will buy uniform supplies for 1 scholar!)

Break out the Beakers! 

10 Schools would appreciate beakers and gas burners for chemistry exams. Many schools do not have science equipment; help teachers teach and students learn! 
($10 a month will buy lab equipment for 1 school!)

Cultivate Youth Activists!

10 Youth would like to attend our Youth Summit!
($25 a month will send 1 youth to the summit!)


Empower Young Girls!

10 Girls would like to attend our Girls Advancement Program to learn about their sexual reproductive health and equality rights.
($25 a month will send 1 girl to our girls advancement program!)


Educate the Next Generation!

10 New deserving students would like the opportunity to attend school and ultimately acheive their dreams
($85 a month will provide full-tutition, room & board and personal supplies!)


Crack the Books!

10 Schools would like to use tablets in the classroom for educational learning. Tablets hold academic curriculum books, reading books, and can access educational khan lab and wikipedia material through a classroom hub.
($1,000 a month can provide tablets for 1 school, benefitting more than 400 students!) 

You choose!  An amount of your choice will go directly to supporting our youth, programs, Africa staff, and the communities they serve.






We’ve unleashed the power of a generation that has started to take charge and lead, but many are hungry for the opportunity to do the same. We challenge ourselves to build on what we’ve accomplished and to take action in support of another generation that is eager for their chance to create change.


JULY ~ Happy Hour With Asante Africa Foundation

Come and network with like minded individuals and see the recent release of our 2016 Impact Report!

AUGUST ~ Creating Global Organizations That Thrive

Attend a live webinar with the CEO of Asante Africa Foundation and our partners as we discuss creating global organizations that thrive long term.

SEPTEMBER ~ African Youth Host Lunch & Learn

Join our alumni from Africa for lunch as they lead a discussion about challenges youth face in rural Kenya and Tanzania.

OCTOBER ~ Global Colours of Collaboration Evening

Join us for a thought provoking and engaging evening with global thinkers and influencers

NOVEMBER ~ Meet the Challenge

Your donations are matched 1:1 on #GivingTuesday, unto $10,000 by our Board Members!

DECEMBER ~ Holiday Letters

Meet us at a cafe (or virtually) and send some holiday cheer and inspiration in the form of a letter to our scholarship students!

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb