Lives Impacted as of 2007, and Growing...

Our Unique Approach Defines Our Identity


Youth are at the center of program design and decision-making.

Inclusion for All

We elevate some of East Africa’s most marginalized populations. 

Cross-Border Collaboration

Creating partnerships and building networks across East Africa and the globe.


Local and organic ownership, deepens understanding, and develops leadership.

Focus on Underserved & Overlooked

We serve youth in remote, harsh, and conflict-ridden rural environments.

Think Globally – Act Locally

Guided by United Nations SDG’s and led by local staff, communities, and youth.

Unleashing the Potential in East Africa

Education and life skills are of the utmost importance for the growing youth population in Africa. Youth must be prepared to succeed in career and life opportunities.

We invest in youth in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda to support their education and personal development.

We strive to educate and empower youth to obtain the skills, knowledge, and experience to prepare them for that next step.

Youth are stepping up to be decision makers and valued leaders in their communities and we are standing right along beside them.


Active Schools in East Africa, 2019

Lives Impacted in 2019 ~ 76,281


Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Incubator (LEI)



Wezesha Vijana
(Adolescent Girls’ Advancement)



Accelerated Learning
in the Classroom






Youth are Leading the Transformation 

Perseverance Pays Off

Lucy’s Journey, Tanzania

Lucy and her three siblings were raised by their single mother who is a peasant farmer. After their father abandoned them, her mother was desperate to fund Lucy’s education. In 2011, Lucy earned an Asante Africa scholarship and in 2013 she attended her first LEI Summit. After completing the LEI Program, she put her knowledge to work raising enough capital to revive her sheep and chicken rearing business. She graduated from university in 2019 and is currently acquiring skills for creating online content.

Empowered to Improve Lives

Lillian, Uganda

Lillian completed Asante Africa Foundation’s LEI summit in December 2019 and became empowered to support the less privileged in her community. She partnered with Gayi Paul and their Give to Life Foundation was born to support people with disabilities, the elderly, and vulnerable youth. Their foundation seeks to improve the lives of these groups through provision of basic necessities. Lillian and Gayi hope to motivate more youth to become change agents.

Measuring the Quality of our Impact


Income Generating Initiatives


Transitioned to High School
(TZ Nat’l Avg 36%)

up 61%

Confidence to Lead

up 35%

Financial Self-resilience

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