2020 Impact Report

BUILDING Skills and Resilience | LEADING Through Adversity | EMERGING Stronger Together

Asante Africa Foundation’s mission to educate children and empower youth stands true even during the most challenging times. We have demonstrated scalability within and across districts, counties, and countries while maintaining quality, and we continue to see the impact of youth consistently throughout the past year. We are especially proud to present our 2020 Impact Report, ”Building Skills and Resilience, Leading through Adversity, Emerging Stronger Together,” with the numbers and stories to prove how youth in rural Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda communities have stepped up throughout the COVID-19 Global Health Pandemic.

Together with our supporters, we have witnessed youth demonstrate their ambitious and innovative abilities more now than ever before. Current students and alumni, along with the help of unparalleled program leaders, took on numerous roles this past year. They organized initiatives to slow the spread of COVID-19 in their communities, while continuing to pursue their educational endeavors, in addition to attending to the needs of their own families. Still, these youth did not allow the complexity of 2020 to thwart their dreams and aspirations to open their own businesses and start their own local charities.

Our academic model has helped youth build their skills in significant areas including business and entrepreneurship, leadership, resilience, and more. Youth were equipped to handle adversity and to lead their communities through hardships. They emerged stronger together, united to be changemakers and to create a positive influence in their countries.

Building Skills and Resilience

Youth engaged in curriculum programs with hands-on learning to gain the skills needed to create and manage small-business projects and initiate Pay-it-Forward projects with confidence and empowerment. These projects empowered Africa’s youth for economic opportunities outside of the classroom, where they could improve their own financial circumstances while addressing the needs of their communities.

building skills

Leading Through Adversity

Youth continued to mentor and provide support throughout the COVID-19 Global Health Pandemic. Using our Learn-Do-Teach and pay-it-forward methods, youth shared their knowledge to others and did volunteer work to ensure communities had access to essential necessities and reliable information in local languages. 

leading through adversity girl with book is in hand

Emerging Stronger Together

Asante Africa’s organization leaders worked with youth and alumni to develop a 5-year strategy to build a stronger, East African-led organization. A pivotal part of making progress in communities has been to empower girls in the classroom while also teaching boys how they can support their fellow girl students.  By continuing and expanding our current approaches through education, leadership, and life and livelihood skill development, we will empower 1.6 million East African youth by 2025.

emerging stronger happy students

Our 2020 partnerships provided opportunities to share knowledge, maximize resources, and build a global community to help lead the effort to uplift youth. Together, we will go further and faster to grow our impact more than ever before!

Written By: Genevieve Chan

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