A few funny stories and images

We had difficulty getting hot water to come out of a tap ( before we realized there was no running water and the taps were for show). cold buckets of water are considered the norm and good for a shower — This mama constantly heats a wood stove so that you have hot water available in a bucket to

A few funny stories and images

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I think it is a global phenomenon that all people love to meet new people from other places and who are different than them. How strange it feels to be the only white person in the neighborhood and all the kids yelling “mazungu” as you pass by and then run away as you try to approach them.


A few funny stories and images


Hospitals here — no food served, no services, no hospital gowns, no cleaning staff, 8 beds jammed into a small room with a chair beside each bed and every bed full with one child and maybe two depending on conditionsl. I visited the childrens ward for several days and it was loud, crowded with visitors and children crying, playing and moving around. The family must supply everything that the patient needs or the patient goes without. and the doctor may or maynot come that day to see you.

A hilarious conversation at dinner with a group of 6 women and girls where I was asked what a dishwasher was…….. and then I desperately tried to convey what a dishwasher was and how it works and why in the world would you need one of these boxes in your house. Forget about even starting the conversation about garbage disposals or trash compactors.

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