A fresh look for a new decade

Innovation and adaptability is a vital aspect to our programs and the tools we give our young people. In an ever changing global environment it is also vital to Asante Africa to keep this mindset in clear view so we can continue to set high goals. Our new rebranding is a step towards preparing for a new decade and a hopeful future, after celebrating 10 empowering years. As part of this effort, our website has witnessed a massive change.

Two of the creative minds behind this brilliant transformation, provide an insight into their experiences in designing this new website.

Jennifer Haist, an independent graphic designer and owner of OwlBox Designs, shares her experience in creating our new website.

The Vision

“When Asante Africa Foundation approached us to create a new website, we were excited with the opportunity. The old website was cluttered, dated, and difficult to navigate, so those were the key aspects that we wanted to address. We wanted to create a website that was easy to navigate, something that highlighted all of the beautiful images, and was unmistakably Asante Africa.

The Challenges — an avenue for creativity!

Some of the biggest challenges were organizing and prioritizing content, and creating a site that would be unique and stand out. We wanted visitors to be intrigued to move around through the site, and not be overwhelmed by information and content. This took a lot of effort since the old site hosted a lot of great information, and we wanted to keep a lot of it. By creating the flipping tiles we were able to hide a lot of the information on first glance, and also make it available for the visitors that were interested in knowing more.

he original design was much darker, but after we got started the lighter colored pages seemed to fit with the organization much better.

Charity Organization
Home page
The first mockup

Creating a website for a non profit organization come with quite a few challenges, there are many more CTAs than a normal site, and designing the flow of the site to lead visitor to get involved or donate took a lot of thought.

Charity Organization
Snapshot of the new website

Despite all these challenges, Asante Africa was a great organization to work with. They have a dedicated team driven to bringing awareness to their cause of educating youth in East Africa. They were easy to work with and appreciative for the hard work it took.

With the help of the new website we look forward to seeing this organization grow and prosper. I would not hesitate to work with them again in the future.

Thank you Asante Africa, onward and upward!”

Nick James, recounts his learning experience while working on our website.

“It was immensely rewarding to help modernize Asante Africa’s online presence, and I’m so glad they now have a website that reflects the quality of the programs and the work done by everyone in the organization from Africa to the United States. I learned loads about the pain points experienced by non-profits when it comes to technology, and I look forward to building more tools to help non-profits manage and integrate their data from all aspects of the organization.”

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