A Scholar’s Story of a World Transformed

by Anne Muli Mweni
with Kanika Rohatgi

I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the entire Asante Africa family for its unfailing support, all the way from 2006 to today. I am very grateful. I want to assure you that your labor and investment in us is never in vain. Though it may be interrupted or delayed, success will surely come to pass.


I joined Asante in 2006, when I was in Form Two. In 2008 I sat for my national examination. Though I didn’t manage to get a grade that would qualify me to join university, I did well and I knew I had the potential to go far. With consultation and advice from my parents I went back to school in 2009. The return to school was not easy because I found the syllabus had changed and a new set of books had been introduced. While fear was tempting, I kept telling myself that I could make it if I worked very hard. When the next set of results came, I saw that I had managed to get 66 points, enabling me to join a public university as I had hoped.

Initially, I wanted to be an accountant by profession, but when I joined university I was called to pursue a degree in Purchasing and Supplies Management. I thought of doing an interfaculty transfer, but I realized I could still become an accountant by enrolling in additional professional courses. Where there is a will, there will always be a way. I learned that any dream of mine was possible with enough hard work.

After Form Four, I worked in an electronic shop as I waited to join a university. In my fifteen months there, I acquired various skills like customer relations and real-world business management. I was careful to save the income I received: I kept 10% of it for pocket money, used 90% to help my mum pay rent, and sometimes used a bit for buying my personal items.

I joined Kisii university in August, 2011. It is during this time that I enrolled for a professional certificate called Certified Public Accountancy(C.P.A). I applied the knowledge I had gained during Asante Africa’s 2010 Leadership Training regarding dream mapping and understanding one’s values and potential.


In 2012, I was nominated to serve as the treasurer for the Christian Union in Kisii University. I was also nominated to serve as the vice chairperson in the Procurement and Logistic Student Association on campus. I served as treasurer for a period of two years; my achievements during this time were significant. For the very first time, the Christian Union succeeded in creating and completing the annual budget; we also managed to introduce an external auditor who would help in auditing our financial statements at the end of every financial year. Alongside, I was also overseeing the development committee, which helped me learn about the implementation of strategic plans.

As I served as treasurer, I was also a member of the accounts committee, a position that helped shape and develop my real-life, practical accounting skills. In 2013 I was nominated to serve as the secretary general for the Procurement and Logistic Student Association. It was during this time that we organized an Intervarsity Procurement Forum. We got to meet various professionals in the field, learned a lot about procurement as a unit, and developed expectations for ourselves. On top of these responsibilities, I was able to get involved in volunteer activities: tree naming, visiting the sick, and working to preserve the environment.
I went for my internship in Kisii Bottlers, a Coca-Cola company. I worked for a period of three months in stores, procurement, and warehousing departments. It was a great experience and a privilege working in such an industry.

My family is grateful for the support Asante Africa has accorded to us all through, support that has helped us flourish. Words aren’t enough to express our heartfelt gratitude. Dad and mum are all doing fine. They’re very proud of our accomplishments. Our second born finished college in November 2014 and is currently working in Nairobi as a cashier. Our younger sister is waiting to join college this year. Our elder sister is married and has been blessed with a son named Andy Mokua.

Currently, I am in my final semester of university. I’ll be finishing in May 2015 and attending graduation in December. I am looking forward to enrolling in a Master’s Degree program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management after my fourth year. My determination has made me a role model to many people, especially those in my community. I have had time to talk to many young people to encourage them to dream big. I tell them to look forward and to not focus on their backgrounds because they can’t do anything about the past. I also try to keep focused on the future: I believe am going to get a good job that will enable me support myself, my family, and Asante Africa Foundation.
Thank You and God Bless You!,
Anne Mueni Muli

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