Accelerated Learning Program (ALP)

Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) strives to meet the needs of access to education while ensuring high quality learning with a focus on reading, numeracy, and digital literacy. Needs and merit-based scholarships address education access. APL accelerates learning in the classrooms through hands-on training, leveraging digital tools and localized learning resources enabling high-quality outcomes.


22 youth were trained as EdTech Interns and trained an additional




school administrators


students across



with their localized EdTech solutions in 2021. Across the 129 schools, 1,075 digital devices were distributed for the use of rural learners and EdTech Interns.


The global digital gap is two fold: some face a coverage gap meaning they do not live within mobile broadband access and some face a usage gap meaning that even though mobile broadband is available they are not using it. The State of Mobile Internet Connectivity Report published by GSMA Intelligence found that although only 19% of the Sub-Saharan population are facing a coverage gap, almost 53% are facing a usage gap and only 28% are fully connected to the internet. Youth in rural, low-resource areas of East Africa lack access to and knowledge of digital tools which could otherwise accelerate their learning. Since many educated youth migrate to urban areas, there are few locals trying to address these challenges.


Asante Africa Foundation’s Accelerated Learning Program provides teachers with Learner-Centered Educational Models, Intensive Teacher Training, and Digital & Low-Cost Resources with a focus on creating a highly engaging learning environment for students and the support teachers need.

Using technology in the Accelerated Learning Program is an integral part of linking teachers to their students. In this digital age the importance of understanding technology will become key to the success of students.


Teachers need help NOW more than ever. Your donation will go into funding the classroom materials and educational technology that students need to learn and succeed in the 21st century.


“Asante Africa Foundation has stepped in and helped overcome major challenges by providing equipment and training to teachers in schools, bringing harmony to students families, stopping early pregnancies and marriages, and convincing the parents to take their children to school”

Asante Africa

Teacher, Tanzania

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