Accordian program!

Your Title Goes HerYouth Livelihood Programe
We work closely with our partner schools and community leaders to deliver 21st-century leadership skills to the youth who, without this program, would have little opportunity to overcome endemic barriers. Teaching our three-pronged approach—Job Readiness, Entrepreneurship Skills, and Personal Development— equips our young people with the tools they need to plan and achieve a successful future.
Wezesha Vijana Program
Numerous studies have shown that girls’ education is one of the most cost-effective strategies for promoting development and economic growth.

Understanding relevant cultural, social, and health factors are critical to addressing girls’ education and the “keeping girls in school” gap. Asante Africa Foundation collaborates with parents, local leaders, and organizations, to develop a community-based program, specific to East Africa that reaches out to adolescent girls, their mothers, and male peers to educate them on their rights, reproductive health, financial literacy, and personal safety.

Accelerated Learning Program (ALP)
Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) strives to meet the needs of access to education while ensuring high quality learning with a focus on reading, numeracy, and digital literacy. Needs and merit-based scholarships address education access. APL accelerates learning in the classrooms through hands-on training, leveraging digital tools and localized learning resources enabling high-quality outcomes.
Asante Africa’s merit-based scholarships provide low-income families from rural East Africa an opportunity for their children to receive financial aid, student support, and quality education. This allows motivated students to access higher quality education.

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