Asante Africa shares results at CIES’17

Asante Africa Foundation

Over the past five decades, the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES), Inc. has gathered the most dynamic organizations in academia and distinguished practitioners in industries to work together for common goals like promoting cross-cultural understanding, improving academic achievement, and societal development through education.

2017 is no different as it hosts its annual conference focusing on Problematizing (In)Equality. As CIES President-Elect, Noah Sobe, says, inequality problematized “implies that much that is taken-for-granted needs to be challenged”. It’s in the hope that this line of thinking inspires discourse that paves the way for new solutions and possibilities moving forward.

This year’s conference gathers individuals and organizations in Atlanta, Georgia from March 5–9. Asante Africa Foundation will take the stage alongside members of some of the most respected international organizations. Among them: CARE USA, Educate!, Africa Education Trust, Rise Up, and Stromme Foundation.

Asante Africa sets to contribute in a panel that talks about the importance of youth mentoring. “Youths in developing countries have great untapped potential,” LEI Program Coordinator, Anne Muli says. “They need to be equipped with knowledge and basic skills to seize opportunities for jobs and other earning possibilities. They are the innovators, builders, and leaders of the future.”

Asante Africa will similarly add to the conversation around girls, particularly sharing some of the latest data collected from its Girls’ Advancement Program, headed by Carolyne Sunte. “As part of the team that is responsible for conducting research on the ground, I’m grateful for the opportunity to share the hard work and findings on the global stage. Empowering girls to succeed is possible, and proven achievable.”

Asante Africa Foundation

Erna Grasz — “Girls’ Led versus Girls’ Only Leadership Programs — What does the evidence say?” On stage with panelists from IIE, GEC, Room to Read, CARE USA, SHEF and Komera

Asante Africa Foundation

Anne Muli — East African Youth Skills Development for Livelihoods — “The Data is In”. On stage with panelists from Africa Educational Trust and Educate!.

Asante Africa Foundation

Carolyne Sunte — Wezesha Vijana — A Girls’ Advancement Education Initiative Empowering Girls to Create their Futures (Kenya and Tanzania)

In Asante Africa Foundation’s second year of participation in the CIES conference, the privilege of sharing the knowledge learned from in-country remains. As CEO Erna Grasz says. “CIES is a prominent evidence based conference, where cutting edge innovation is shared. We have the data that demonstrates our efficacy, and it’s an honor to be able to share it in this forum.”

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