Creating a Legacy of Change, Lilian, Uganda

June 24, 2020

Lilian is a second-year student at Ndejje University in Kampala, Uganda studying to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement and Logistics Management. As the eldest among her siblings, Lilian is hardworking and describes herself as a quick learner. During her time in Asante Africa’s Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator (LEI) Program, she learned leadership skills, teamwork management, entrepreneurship skills, job readiness, and advocacy skills while also gaining a boost of self-confidence and motivation. When she graduated from the leadership program last December, she walked away transformed and with a new sense of purpose.

“The most meaningful thing that I learned is to be a changemaker, someone with a desire to promote change in the world. It transformed me with a practical approach to making a change in my community.”

Lilian continues to create and promote positive impact through Asante Africa’s “Pay it Forward” Model. As the Director of Community Service in the Rotary Club at her university, Lilian taught her club members how they too can become leaders and changemakers by motivating them to use their voice for what matters and sharing her own experience.

“I am the founder of the start-up organisation, Give to Life Foundation. It assists those in need and is available for all types of people such as the elderly, vulnerable groups, those living deep in rural areas, and orphans. We not only do charity work but also educate youth on the same life and leadership skills that I learned from Asante Africa.”

Lilian shares that creating her foundation had its challenges and that she continues to struggle with issues typical of a start-up with the added challenge of living in an impoverished area.

“I researched on how to create a foundation and did some strategic planning. My team consists of four Asante Africa alumni and three other members. It is not easy at all. I got some discouragement from others who questioned how I would manage the foundation and who would follow me and believe in the foundation. They would tell me that people will think I want to steal from them and ask me where I would get funding. Here in Uganda, there are so many unemployed people with high levels of poverty. But I didn’t lose hope. I shouldn’t lose hope because I know I am a changemaker. I kept thinking about how I will help others and share with them what we have. I found the courage from the passion I have to help people, my teammates who believed in me, and my desire to fulfill my goals.“

Lillian continues to create budget plans, develop social media and communications strategies, and research for potential funders. She and her teammates also continue to plan charity and empowerment projects that will be conducted in nearby school districts for students and for community members. Lilian shares her goals as she reflects on her growth and future.

Asante Africa

“My goals are to be a successful entrepreneur, to always be creative, and to organise many community forums where I can mentor people and encourage teamwork. I’ll strive to stand up and use my voice for any irresponsible action, to make a change in my community, and to be an inspirational leader in society. I always follow the quote ‘actions attract change.’ The journey continues, Asante Sana Asante Africa.”

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Written by: Genevieve Chan

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