Fresh off Textures of Transformation: The 2017 Spring Event

On May 6th at Piedmont Community Hall, the Asante Africa community — plus new friends — came together to celebrate the organization’s 10 years and to set the tone for a new decade.

Educating Children and Transforming Worlds has become a possibility because each one has committed their hand at contributing to the cause. This video, and all our successes, is dedicated to everyone that has been a part of our journey!

Growth in the next 10 years will involve creating new networks, collaboration, and adapting to innovation. Learning from thought leaders like Principal for Khan Lab Lower School and our event keynote speaker, Orly Friedman, is a step towards this next phase in the organization’s development.

“Student agency is just as important in Silicon Valley as in East Africa and other parts of the world.” — Orly Friedman

Click here to view the FB Live footage for more inspiring ideas on education.

It was definitely one of our best events to date!

Inside view of the venue before the guests arrived
Creating Memories
Cocktails And Conversations
Learning’s and Recognition’s

Click here to see more on our beautiful venue, the interactive activities, and all the amazing people that showed up to make it even more special.

Until next time… Asante Sana (Thank You)!

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