Gathii Kanyi receives the 2012 Promoting Education For All, African International Achievers Award (AfIA)

Program Manager, Gathii Kanyi recently received the 2012 Promoting Education For All, African International Achievers Award (AfIA). He reflects on what it means to him and his accomplishments at Asante Africa

Asante Africa Foundation

What I can say about this award is that it is an award that is given to those who are making a difference in the communities that they work in. These are people who are doing small things, but who are causing significant ripples. These are people who are doing great things in marginalized communities. These are people working in areas where others may not want to work in, because the area is so poor and there are so many challenges to be addressed. I am so proud that I am able to face the challenges and follow them to their roots.

The International Achiever’s Award is priceless. I have been working to make changes in the lives of poor youth in rural communities for a long time. I am so proud that I am one of only five people selected in Kenya. This is not just an award, its an endorsement that we are doing something right as an organization. We are doing something that is being seen all over the world. People are recognizing the efforts we are putting into our daily activities.

At Asante Africa Foundation, we give children hope that through education they can turn their lives around and break the cycle of poverty. We are very proud to receive the African International Achievers Award. This is just the beginning, because our passion to empower children, to make them look back and say, we have come this far and we are going farther, is a small drop in the ocean that will cause a big ripple.

Asante Africa Foundation tries to close the gap in the lives of these children. We want to show them that their world could be much better through education. We want them to know that outside their communities, they can have opportunities like any other child born anywhere else in Kenya. We achieve this through giving them access to quality education, merit-based scholarships, mentoring and leadership workshops.

As far as I am concerned, the sky is the limit as long as I continue to be a part of Asante Africa Foundation.

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