From the Brink of Giving up, to Preparing for Graduation

Sep 23, 2022

Education is the key to unlocking potential and the possibilities of life. However, in rural East Africa, children face immense cultural and societal challenges that can cut off their dreams before they’re even able to get started. Indeed, only four percent of children in Africa are expected to enter a graduate or postgraduate institution. That’s what makes Hadija’s journey so impressive.

hadija“Before I met Asante Africa, I faced many bitter moments. My family couldn’t afford the school fees and getting sanitary pads was a problem. That was on top of not feeling good about my studies, and all of it made me want to quit school. But thankfully, Asante Africa was able to provide the materials that assisted me with my studies, while helping the financial burden for my mother who was struggling with my school fees.” 

Hadija discusses the challenges she overcame, and a word of thanks for the donor that helped make that possible:   

“As a girl child there are many challenges facing us in my community. School fees, transport fees, books, food, school uniforms and sanitary pads for girls are all common problems we’re not prepared for financially. Not having these materials during studying time can finish our studies.

Asante Africa provided the money needed for my school fees, and even some money for my studying term. This helped to solve very important matters at home like food and medication – even my brother and sister have benefited in their school. By providing the sanitary pads, educational resources and space I needed, it helped me study in a peaceful environment.

I am very grateful for Asante Africa and the education they made possible. I say this honestly because what I learned differentiates me and makes me more competitive to the employers. I would also like to thank you, my donor, for the wonderful heart that you have. I pray you live long so that those who need your support can make their dreams come true!”

Empowered by financial and educational resources,
Hadija plans to pay her blessings forward:

hadija3“My life has changed, and thanks to the skills I’ve learned, I now have the potential to give back to my community and pay forward the golden opportunity I’ve received from Asante Africa. 

I am proud to be the first in my family to achieve higher education. With the knowledge I’ve gained and potential to achieve, I look forward to being the doorway that leads the way for my family to succeed through me. After my graduation, in addition to regular employment, I plan on starting my own business. I understand that the entrepreneurial knowledge I have acquired can help me to make enough money so that I can pay for things even after I have retired.

Just saying “thank you” to Asante Africa is not enough. I will be praying for it to grow so that more young girls and boys are empowered to learn and become their best selves.” 

In 2013, Hadija was in Olesokoine Secondary School, located in Tanzania, when Asante Africa Foundation visited, providing supplies and reproductive health materials such as sanitary pads. Later, she transferred to Orkolili Secondary School as an Asante Africa scholarship student where she thrived in conditions that favored her studies. She passed her examinations with flying colors, and is now 25, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in rural development at Sokoine University of Agriculture. Hadija is set to graduate this December.

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Written by Chris Bass

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