I Met A Helper One Night!

Tonny, our Leadership and Entreprenuership Incubator Alumni, who during the LEI summit, wrote a poem to express his gratitude for Asante Africa. He’s an amazing actor, and an expressive story teller. Watch him as he recites this poem!

I met Asante Africa that night,

That dark night of my life,

Poverty in transit to fullness, heart filled with sorrow,

Never got worried about tomorrow,

But as I walked on this path to poverty solo I met Asante Africa.

In thick ominous darkness did African children stager,

Not even being able to sleep so as to dream,

Asante Arica brought us blankets,

Now an African child can dream.

As other worked hard to live, African children were busy struggling to survive,

On my way to herd my father’s flock, I met Siemeto (one of AAF alumni) who turned out to be a mentor,

Indeed it’s true when Erna says Asante Africa.

In the dawn of that morning an African child yawns,

Since he has no dream of his own, but God brought Erna to our home,

Now an African child is aware of his goal,

Their thoughts of getting married have been washed,

Now becoming an entrepreneur is their idea,

Indeed Africa, WE ARE LEADERS,

Let’s make our continent BIGGER.

Asante Africa is now our mirror,

When I look at it I see my idea,

You introduced education into our budget,

For before it was sold in the ignorance market,

Now my idea is near, for an African Child has no more fear,

In conclusion I say, Wake up Africa, Let’s build OUR America.

  • By Tonny Isige
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