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Asante Africa Innovations highlighted on International Day of Education

Jan 21, 2022

On International Day of Education we share Asante Africa’s 2021 innovations fueling 2022’s impact and programmatic growth.

We face a tipping point in history and a unique opportunity to drive a new wave of innovation and creativity. The global education community is realizing the urgent need for global shifts in education. In December 2021, Asante Africa was fortunate to be an active in-person participant at the RewirEd Summit presenting an opportunity for the global education community to come together to scale and jumpstart some of the positive changes needed in education.

We focused on three key pressing areas in global education:

  • Youth Skills and the Future of Work 
  • Education Innovation
  • Education Financing

The RewirED Summit convened education stakeholders including educationalists, front liners, policy makers, youth, the private sector, international organizations, and foundations together in one place for three days to engage in discussions, panels, hands-on workshops, and to launch exciting initiatives, experiments, and much more.

Asante Africa Foundation

In this new year, Asante Africa will continue to empower each child, their parents, and their communities to Thrive where they stand today while architecting their futures and uplifting those around them by Paying-it-Forward. To deliver on these bold objectives, we are committed to our strategic priorities:

    •  We must have youth at the epicenter of the tough problem-solving whether it is food insecurity, climate change, gender equity, or economic prosperity. The success of peer-to-peer youth mentoring, youth leadership, and activism has proven to be the “secret sauce“ in all our programming over these last two years. Since youth will own the future, they should own the path to success.

    • 2030 and beyond demands deeper literacy levels in reading, math, and digital technology. Education and Learning do not necessarily require a four-walled classroom and must include the three languages of reading, math, and digital literacy. With Uganda coming back to school for the first time in 22 months, we will continue to support learning both in the school and in community hosted learning groups.

    • We will promote gender equity and inclusion: In the communities we serve, 57% of the pandemic entrepreneurs were young women focused on meeting the local needs and simplifying their lives with services and products. To enable full participation in governance, economics, and a healthy society, we will continue to ensure girls and women are actively engaged alongside their brothers and men in their communities.

    • It’s not Just academics: Knowledge and hands-on skill development is essential for young people to have the necessary skills for navigating life challenges, while advancing their academic learning and livelihoods. This empowers youth to secure desirable jobs with decent wages or launch local businesses meeting local needs.

    • We are committed to leveling the learning field by bringing digital content and tools to remote rural communities. As of Jan 2022, all academic, life-skills and livelihood skill development content will be available to the youth in our programs through a localized platform hosting content. This enables the capability to continuously update and deepen curriculum.

    • We are Strengthening local ownership: In order to offer solutions that live long past Asante Africa’s engagement, the local communities, schools, parents, and young people must be out in front and champion the solutions alongside governments improving systems.

    • We partner with like-minded, value-aligned implementing collaborators: Over these past two years, Asante Africa has accelerated programs through partnership with Teach a Man To Fish and Prince Trust International. We each do what we do best and leverage each other’s strengths. We are all striving to help young people develop skills, choice, and voice in each stage of their lives.
Asante Africa Foundation
Asante Africa Foundation
Asante Africa Foundation
group of students sitting on bench in school

As governments and international agencies focus on systemic changes, Asante Africa will remain focused at the local level to ensure those frequently forgotten youth continue on the path of learning and skill building.

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