Interview with Charles Wahome

Veterans Day in America is always a good time to remember the sacrifices our servicemen and servicewomen do for country. It’s not an easy profession, and it certainly demands a lot from the men and women that are called to do it. We share this short interview with Charles Wahome, an AAF alumnus that has gone on to join the military in his own country of Kenya, and dedicate it to all the vets out there on this special day.

AAF: Charles is part of a brood of 4, with only 2 of those siblings educated. When did Asante Africa Foundation first come into the picture?

Charles: I got to know Asante Africa back in the year 2007 while I was in secondary school. My head teacher made the introduction because I was unable to pay my school fees anymore.

AAF: We know, of course, that training for the military is tough and that it requires physical strength and mental abilities. What made you decide to pursue it?

Charles: The main reason that motivated me to join the military police is that I didn’t have much options open to me. I wanted to move forward with my life, and I wanted to make money in order to continue getting educated. This is what I tried to do to take me were I wanted to be.

AAF: What have you learned from being an Asante Africa Alumnus that helped you cope with the challenges of military training?

Charles: The Leadership & Entrepreneurship Incubator Program teaches you skills that are useful outside the classroom. Dream-mapping is very relevant because it has helped me, and those around me, to have more hope in our lives. It also helps us to work at realizing and making those dreams come true.

AAF: What’s next for you?

Charles: My future plans include continuing my studies so that I can secure my future and help improve lives in the community where I live. Right now I’m completing my first diploma in criminology and forensic science, but I want to continue learning more so I can work with other institutions apart from the military.

AAF: What has Asante Africa Foundation done to help you achieve your dreams?

Charles: Asante Africa Foundation had many roles in shaping my career. I wouldn’t have made it through secondary level education if they hadn’t paid for my school fees. And I have grown a lot from the internship, pay it forward programs, seminars, and regular visits that really help me.

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