June 16 is International Day of the African Child


International Day of the African Child honors the lives of young protestors who marched for equal education rights in South Africa in 1976. It is also an opportunity to highlight the continuing needs of African communities that struggle to provide safe, quality learning environments and opportunity for their children. This year, the day brings to light “Eliminating Harmful, Social and Cultural Practices Affecting Children.” Each year thousands of stakeholders, children, and organizations use this as a day for remembrance and advocacy.

At Asante Africa Foundation, we strive to support these communities through programs that provide healthy learning environments, enhance teaching and learning quality, and provide scholarships and leadership skills. Programs like the Leadership Incubator and our girls’ health, hygiene, financial literacy and entrepreneurship initiatives are helping to create and build a strong foundation toward eliminating obstacles and overcoming harmful cultural practices. We hope that each child directly impacted by our programs will return to their communities to share their knowledge and ‘pay it forward’. By building on the strengths of students and their community, we create a sustainable cycle of learning and community development.

“Now, I know the ways that I can use to overcome the challenges along my way, I am promise that I will share with other four people.” — Eunis, student

We hope you will join and support our efforts this year, both to honor the lives of children lost 23 years ago, and to continue fighting for access to education for Africa’s children today. To find out more about how you can help honor this important day, visit and

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