Meet One of Our Successful Students — Mwanidi, Tanzania

Mwanidi, Tanzania

There exists in some people an inherent desire to make the world a better place. As a young girl, Mwanaidi Nuhu recognized that by pursuing an education she could make her world a better place locally and globally. This is a goal she is achieving with the assistance of the Asante Africa Foundation. At 20 years old, she has now graduated from “High School”. She is one of ten students in the first group of alumni for Asante Africa Foundation.

From 2004–2007 Mwanaidi attended Moringe Secondary School where she received the exam scores necessary to continue with the completion of her high school education, but she was forced to recognize that she faced a financial challenge that had to be overcome if she wanted to complete her high school education. As she recalls, “I did not think that one day I would attend school due to the fact that my family could not afford to support me.” Up to this point, Mwanaidi had been supported by her mother and family, but as the fees for her continued education increased, it looked as though the family would not be able to support her through the completion of her high school education.

Being one not to have her hopes and dreams stifled, Mwanaidi began to search for the means that would allow her to complete her high school education and continue on to post-secondary studies. Her hopes were answered when she met Mama Oola who introduced her to the Asante Africa Foundation which has supported Mwanaidi in the completion of her high school education by covering the necessary academic and boarding fees through the 2008–2009 school year. With yet another round of successful exam results in hand, Mwanaidi is now applying for post-secondary programs in Tanzania and hopes to study public relations, international relations and social work. Once she completes her post-secondary program, Mwanaidi says she wants to “work with local communities and help uneducated people to improve their standard of living.” Indeed, she has already begun to offer her academic and leadership services to her community.

Following on the pay it forward philosophy of the Asante Africa Foundation, Mwanaidi has worked as a volunteer teacher at the Migungan Nursery School where she taught English, writing, oration skills and maths. Through this experience she has not only given back to her community, but she has also begun to develop her skills as a professional leader. She remembers this as an experience that built her confidence in working within the community as a leader and she looks forward to continuing to offer more to her community once she completes her post-secondary education.

Mwanaidi is a testament to how education works as a vehicle for the positive empowerment of a community. She and her community have already benefitted from her education, and she believes that education is the key to success for herself and all the people in her community. Mwanaidi still has a long way to go and will need the continued financial assistance of the Asante Africa Foundation to complete her post-secondary studies. It is our hope that we will be able to support Mwanaidi through to the completion of her degrees in Tanzania.

Well done, Mwanaidi! Everyone at Asante Africa is very proud of you and is cheering for you.

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