Meet Samson Nyongesa

Before seeing Samson, our guest speaker from Kenya, at the ‘The Journey to 2020’ event, we thought its best to tell you a little more about the person himself. Everything that’s happened in his life reveals the character and determination of someone who wants to see real change in the world. We’re very proud, and cant hope for a better example than him for young men and women out there.

“When I look back from where I have come from, I just can’t keep quiet. I have to help a youth somewhere, to at least be able to reach where I am.” — Samson Nyongesa

Born in Western Kenya and raised in a polygamous family of 15 children, Samson Nyongesa knows well why we cannot keep quiet or still.

His mother struggled to support him through primary school. With secondary school financially out of his family’s reach, Samson dropped out. His older brother, already supporting his own four children, intervened but he too struggled to raise funds for Samson to return to school. Election violence catapulted Samson to the other side of the country, in a camp for the internally displaced. He would live there for nine months. Education, peace, the life of and in Samson was stunted.

But there was one more intervention: Samson’s headmaster reached out to Asante Africa for a scholarship. He reached out to others until, person by person, he finally tracked Samson down.

The headmaster acted as Samson’s guardian to ensure that the young student had the support he needed to complete his studies. At the Asante Africa scholarship orientation, the young Samson shared his desire to be the “best lawyer that Kenya has ever witnessed” so he could be a positive influence in his community, so that people would not lose their lives to unnecessary strife and conflict. The cost of his country’s strife was high — borne on the heart of Samson and many Kenyans. But he was not done trying to find his way, lifting his own potential so he could reach the hearts of others.

He had to repeat his sophomore year. But he proceeded to graduate second in the school district and the top one percent in his class, awarded a scholarship to the University of Nairobi. In Narok, in his community, there was much to celebrate.

With support from his USA sponsor, Samson recently completed his Bachelors in Economics and will receive his graduation certificate in December 2016. Through it all, he served as an intern with Asante and twice attended Asante Africa Foundation’s Leadership Incubator.

Because Samson Nyongesa is still reaching.

It wasn’t enough to follow his own path through university. He was determined to pay it forward. He used his training, education, and experience to start Life Transformers, mentoring other change agents.

What began as serving one person has grown to working with over 300 university youth across three campuses. Over 5000 young lives have been impacted over the past four years.In not keeping quiet, in fulfilling his educational promise, Samson has inspired and begun a transformation much larger than himself.

Come join Samson Nyongesa as he makes his first visit to the U.S. to learn and to share what he has learned: how we can and how we must keep reaching for each other.

Watch him and the Life Transformers share their excitement about Samson’s first visit to the United States.

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