Africa Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

April 6, 2017

Meghan Tisinger

Oakland Based Non-Profit Dedicated To Education in Africa Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Oakland, CA — — Asante Africa Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to educating the children of East Africa, will celebrate its 10 year anniversary this year. Based in Oakland, California, Asante Africa Foundation began when Erna Grasz, a Silicon Valley executive, traveled to Tanzania and witnessed firsthand the desperate need to improve educational opportunities for the youth of Africa.

“What began as a ‘bucket list’ vacation became my life’s calling and mission. I left Tanzania reaffirming my belief that talent and intelligence occurs everywhere, but opportunities do not. I knew I could help improve those odds for the next generation of young people based on my experience,” said Asante’s CEO and Founder Erna Grasz. “At Asante Africa Foundation, we work with local communities and schools to ensure the next generation of Africans have the opportunities to learn, succeed and transform the future for Africa and the world.”

Asante Africa Foundation makes a difference by working within the existing educational system, alongside educators, influencers and governments to solve the problems that prevent children from getting an education. Asante Africa Foundation’s programs address the root causes of why 66% of rural East African children lack access to quality education and those who do have an education struggle to succeed outside the classroom. Their programs are focused on keeping girls in school, training teachers, job and professional development and providing scholarships to gifted students. To date, Asante Africa Foundation has trained more than 11,000 teachers in East Africa; developed programs to keep nearly 330,000 students in school, particularly girls; and changed the future of 200+ African communities.

“I have seen firsthand that Asante Africa Foundation is truly unique in its approach. The locally led team collaborates closely with parents, educators and community leaders to ensure not only that their children have quality education, but also the tools to apply their knowledge beyond the classroom,” said Laura Devere, Managing Director of Social Capital Foundation. “The Youth Led ‘Pay It Forward’ model sets the organization apart by building youth leadership opportunities and creating self-propagating success.”

Since its 2007 beginnings, Asante Africa Foundation has grown tremendously. Through partnerships with Proctor & Gamble and Community Based Organizations, Asante Africa Foundation has deepened program quality and will impact more than one million African lives by 2020. Recent metrics speak to that quality, and to the results orientation of the organization’s leadership. In 2015, Asante Africa Foundation improved the educational opportunities in 133 schools in Kenya and Tanzania. 50% of those schools reported improved academic performance by girls on national exams and 60% of girls acknowledged confidently refusing unwanted sexual advances. 67% of students reported an increased confidence in critical thinking, expressing opinions, and English skills.

As part of their 10-year anniversary celebration, Asante Africa Foundation is hosting a night of dinner and dancing on May 6 in Oakland, California. The event will highlight the significant progress Asante Africa Foundation has made during the last decade and will offer guests incredible African cuisine, music and dance lessons. Hosted by Doug Nelson, President of California Pacific Medical Center Foundation, the keynote speaker will be Orly Friedman, School Principal and member of the founding team of Khan Lab School in Mountain View, CA.

**NOTE — Media is invited to attend the May 6th event in Oakland, California. 

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About Asante Africa Foundation
Asante Africa Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to educating children in Africa. Asante Africa Foundation works to address the roots cause that prevents children from receiving an education. In addition, Asante Africa Foundation provides the tools that students need to tackle life’s challenges and influence change. To date, Asante Africa Foundation has trained more than 11,000 teachers in Africa; developed programs to keep nearly 240,000 students in school, many of whom were young girls; and changed the future of 200+ African communities. For more information on Asante visit

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