Our Day of Thanks: We Are All in This Together

Our Day of Thanks

It is the heart that does the giving; the fingers only let go.” — Nigerian proverb

Here at Asante Africa Foundation we have a month long campaign, celebrating successes from each of our programs. As the year closes and we turn to this season of reflection, we hold such gratitude for the many volunteers, workers, students, families, and communities that rally to create opportunities where they might not exist.

Many of you know well our commitment to those in the countries we serve. We strive to support every child and young leader we can. Asante Africa doesn’t exist to challenge the systems, processes, or customs of East Africa. We exist to build a bridge. We work with its next generation in the hopes that education is more fully available, and more youth and communities receive opportunities we in the States take for granted.

“Real generosity toward the future requires giving all to the present.” –Albert Camus

This Thanksgiving, we want to thank the many donors who’ve helped us create these successes. We share just a few of the personal thank yous from those most impacted.

Our Day of Thanks
Our Day of Thanks
Our Day of Thanks
Our Day of Thanks
Notes from Top (L) — Fatuma, Top (R) — Asha, Bottom (L) Atellen, Bottom (R) Moses

Often, when people give to a cause or give for a purpose, they do not see who and what their support touches. They do not know the ripple it creates, the hearts it opens and minds it sets free. All those you support are forever changed — in their path, in their own perception of possibility. So are we. Because of you, communities and students learn they are not alone. We are all in this together. We will get through this, lesson-by-lesson, day by day, together. We’re empowered to do so because of your generosity.

Today, we celebrate you.

Let us join together, at this time of thanks, to celebrate all who’ve helped us build those bridges to learning and opportunity, to confidence and faith, and to gratitude and possibilities all deserve. The team at Asante Africa Foundation wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving and a joyous holiday season ahead!

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