Partnering to Build a Better World on International Youth Day

 International Youth Day

Sunday, August 12 is International Youth Day. Originally presented by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth, and supported by The United Nations General Assembly, the aim of this global event is to remind governments and communities to partner with youth and build a stronger society of leaders.

This year’s theme, “Building a Better World: Partnering with Youth” directly challenges people to form partnerships for improvement in communities. It raises awareness on the global challenges facing youth in the areas of political inclusion, employment, entrepreneurship, education, citizenship and protection of rights.

Asante Africa Foundation believes in the power of knowledge as a catalyst to help young people create a future where they live their dreams, and strongly shares in the belief that partnering with youth is key to making a positive difference. Many young people in Africa have dreams and goals but there is little guidance for them to map out these aspirations and turn them into actions. That’s why Asante Africa Foundation created the Leadership Incubator Program.

The Leadership Incubator Program actively guides youth in East Africa towards achieving success they would otherwise only dream about. During the weeklong program, students map out their goals, and a step-by-step outline of what it will take to achieve them. For many, this is the first time they are exposed to the idea of a support network, life skills workshops and field trips that challenge them to consider entrepreneurial, financial management and a range of professional fields. Students also gain knowledge about health and well being to become educated and responsible citizens.

In honor of International Youth Day, and for the next 15 days, our Board members will match any contribution to the Leadership Incubator Program.

A contribution of $150 will send one student to the Leadership Incubator. Last year 75 students attended. With your help, let’s see if we can beat this record and partner with more youth for this opportunity. Your tax-deductible gift provides boarding, meals, transportation, learning materials and resources.

Partner with us and help Build a Better World!


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