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Asante Africa’s merit-based scholarships provide low-income families from rural East Africa an opportunity for their children to receive financial aid, student support, and quality education. This allows motivated students to access higher quality education.

Scholarships Include:

  • 1 year of tuition (including exam fees)
  • Room and board fees
  • Learning materials, uniforms, and sanitary products
  • *Essential packages including reusable masks, soap, water, and supplemental educational materials

Our exceptional students must meet certain standards to receive a scholarship. The criteria includes academic achievement, good behavior while in school, and ongoing family engagement. By creating expectations, we ensure accountability for the student and offer shared responsibility and support between Asante Africa staff and community.

If you have any questions, please email Shirley at

Donors who provide a full scholarship will receive biannual scholarship reports, student updates, and personalized letters. All contributions to the Asante Africa Scholarship Program are fully tax-deductible.

Our coordinator will match you with a child that will fit your family.





Primary School Student, Uganda

Aisha is the fourth born of six children. Since her father passed away, Aisha’s mother is the sole support of the family. She works and takes care of a farm. However, she does not earn enough income to support her family. Aisha’s sister has sickle cell anemia and needs a lot of medical attention. Most of the money Aisha’s mother earns is spent on her daughter’s treatment and the family’s daily needs. This leaves little money for education. Aisha should have been in primary seven this year (2021) but due to the lack of money, she is in primary four.

Aisha wishes to get an education so that she can achieve her dream of being a nurse. She would like to be able to treat the sick people in her village and help her sister.

In her free time, Aisha loves to read. 

Asante Mungu


Secondary School Student, Tanzania

Asante lives with his mother and siblings. His mother has health issues (high blood pressure and diabetes) and is unable to work to support her family. The family is living at a neighbor’s home, because they cannot afford a home of their own. Asante and his siblings work in other people’s homes to earn money to feed the family and to buy their school uniforms. Asante’s schooling was often interrupted to go to work until Asante was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship from Asante Africa Foundation. Asante aspires to become a doctor.

During his holiday break, Asante enjoyed spending time with his family. When the pandemic is over, Asante would like to visit some of the tourist sites.

In his spare time, Asante enjoys playing sports and games. He especially enjoys playing soccer.

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COVID-19 Essential Packages

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Asante Africa Foundation has provided essential packages to scholarship recipients which include learning materials, solar lights, food and hygiene products, regular check-ins, and access to phone data in order to assist students in their wellbeing and academic progress.

Find out more about the COVID-19 Essential Packages

Investing in the Next Generation

Give the gift of education and opportunity.

The youth of the next generation are eager to map their dreams, build the skills to architect their futures, and serve as agents of change. Your gift is an investment in catalyzing progressive change that will impact innumerable lives and transform global communities for the better.

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