We are a strong, vibrant, and engaged global team committed to educating East Africa’s youth to confidently address life’s challenges and opportunities, thrive in the global economy, and catalyze positive change. Because complex system challenges require system solutions, we deliver an eco-system model of interconnected programs that encourage, educate, train, and apply knowledge to life challenges. Programs are managed by local staff and delivered in concert with global support and key partners in the communities where we work.



Educate and empower the next generation of change agents, whose dreams and actions transform the future for Africa and the world.

We are a globally guided organization with a program ecosystem designed to deliver educated resilient youth into the workforce and communities capable of managing obstacles and opportunities. The youth we work with come from  rural and frequently forgotten communities.

Our areas of focus are Girls’ Advancement, Accelerated Classroom Learning, and Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship are backed by a foundation of Community and Parental Engagement, Teacher Engagement and Training, and Community Reinvestment.



Africa is home to several of the world’s fastest-growing economies and the youngest population. In Sub Sahara Africa, youth aged 15-25, represent over 50% of the working population by 2020. In rural East Africa,  66% of children lack access to quality education or insufficient preparation to secure a livelihood beyond day to day survival.  

Quantitative and qualitative data demonstrates that our programs are improving school retention, problem solving skills, and livelihood preparation. Fundamentally, we give hope and build skills in youth to pursue their dreams.


We work in East Africa. Regional offices are based out of Narok, Kenya and Arusha, Tanzania
 KENYA – 28 Counties | 45 Districts | 171 Schools
TANZANIA – 11 Regions | 26 Districts | 144 Schools


In 2007, Silicon Valley corporate executive and engineer, Erna Grasz, Tanzanian entrepreneur, Emmy Moshi, and Kenya Maasai school principal, Hellen Nkuraiya, joined forces to tackle their shared passion for youth and education.



Educating the next generation

Develop Africa's youth through leadership, entrepreneurship, and job readiness training

Digital learning

Empower girls with health and hygiene knowledge, finance and business skills, and social skills

Digital teaching

Ensure quality education by training teachers and providing digital & low-cost resources

Digital learning

Award scholarships to gifted students to provide better chances to succeed