For brilliant young students that don’t have the means to pay for school, scholarships are crucial. It spells the difference between staying at home, and being given access to quality education that leads to improved circumstances and future successes.


Our university scholarship is a competitive program independently managed. A student is eligible if they graduate high school/A Level with distinctions (top 5% in the country) and are recognized by the government.

Once accepted for a university scholarship, the student enters into a three way contract with their guardian and Asante Africa Foundation. Only Asante Africa scholars are eligible.  


Our secondary scholarships are for 9th – 12th grade (and 2 additional A level years if student qualifies academically) who are talented, smart and disadvantaged youth.  

We ask parents or guardians to assume responsibility for medical costs, and family emergency costs, and visiting their students frequently while at school.


Our primary scholarships are for 4th – 8th grade students who without support, would not attend school.

As a scholarship donor you assist in covering the all costs associated with school fees which include: food, school materials, uniforms, personal items, boarding, and transportation.



Scholarships are funding opportunities for students that meet specific criteria. It includes meeting academic standards, acceptable behavior in school, and ongoing family engagement to ensure a student’s best possible results.