St Michael’s School raises money and awareness for desks

Student power was recently in full force at St Michael’s School, located in Livermore, California. The children at St. Michael’s were determined to raise money for desks and they did so with gusto! The inspiration for this campaign was ignited by a visit from Maasai Chief Salaton Ole Ntutu of Kenya. After his visit, the students at St. Michael’s decided that they wanted to help.

The children, who ranged in age from 5 to 14, were committed to raising funds as independently as possible and did not want to ask their parents for the money. So, from March 7th to the 13th they set about finding creative ways to raise money and awareness. Some children even donated from their own piggy banks.

A huge ‘desk thermometer’ measured their progress and everyone was thrilled to see it rise as the week went on and more funds came in. At the end of the campaign, they had made a staggering $1427!

Asante Sana to Catherine Christian who organized the event and to every student who made it such a success. St. Michael’s School raised enough funds to provide 35 desks! They helped make significant strides towards enhancing and improving the learning environment for East African children.

Their incredible enthusiasm and dedication will make a lasting impact!

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