Story of the Week: Lucian & Luciana

Lucian and Luciana

Lucian and Luciana were awarded Asante Africa Foundation Scholarships in 2009 and began school at Orkolili Secondary in Tanzania. Just two years before, the twins had tragically lost their parents. Barely teenagers, they found themselves alone with only one another to lean on.

It seemed the loss of their parents had ignited not only a closer relationship with one another, but also a drive to motivate, challenge and champion each other’s potential. The twins were incredibly bright and resilient. Their competitive nature and motivation to rank at the top of their class successfully resulted in impressive scores on their senior national exams, qualifying both to advance to university prep schools.

Now attending different schools, Lucian and Luciana have found it difficult to be separated, but remain firm foundations of support for one another. As Asante Africa Scholars, Lucian and Luciana were able to stay in school, focus on their education goals and transform their outlook.

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