Students Meet From Across the Ocean


given to every child at Nkwamakuu school

Matt Suski from the USA met with students at several Asante Africa partner schools. We gave much needed school supplies — pens, pencils, erasures, bits of paper and even a few stickers for fun.


Students Meet From Across the Ocean

We all loved watching the comradery build and the process of getting to know each other.


Students Meet From Across the Ocean

The students loved running the field with a new soccer ball and a few teachers even joined in at certain points. Of course they could not keep up for long.


Students Meet From Across the Ocean

Everyone loved posing for the camera and then seeing themselves in the image afterward.

Matt received many questions — What music do you listen to? What sports do you play? How many subjects to you study? Do you like school? And thank you for coming to see us! We have never seen a “mazungu (white)” child before here at our school.

It was a day to remember.

Many more to come.

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