Summer Camp: Full of Life… Full of Fun… Full of Learning

Children Need Your Help Today

Attending summer camp can be one of the most exciting and rewarding moments of a young person’s life. It is a place where communities are built and youth leaders are guided towards becoming the adult innovators of tomorrow. Asante Africa is proud to be providing summer camp opportunities for 105 young scholars in Kenya and Tanzania. But we need your help to bring this program to fruition.

All of the costs for this one week camp can be covered for $100 per student.

Throughout the week, students will be learning and expanding their skills in the realms of computer literacy, leadership, study habits, innovation experiments, creative projects including art and music, as well as learning team building skills through sporting activities such as soccer.

Your donation will provide students with the necessary visas, transportation to and from the camp locales, boarding, food, and learning materials.

Our dedicated Kenyan and Tanzanian leadership team is looking forward to inspiring each student to reach their full potential and to providing them with academic and team building skills that will assist them in their studies throughout the coming academic school year. Every donation you make will go a long way to help these students realize their educational and leadership dreams.

How Can You Help?

By making a tax-deductible contribution you will help provide one of our young scholars with the opportunity to go to camp where they will learn new skills and meet new people. Donate now!

Camp Learning Objectives

  • Learn and engage in team oriented and interactive FUN environment
  • Strengthen sense of self and how self fits into surrounding community
  • Become aware of personal values and value based leadership for student’s world (family, community, church, school)
  • Develop looking forward skills — careers, better study habits and challenges
  • Engage in creativity activities to stimulate “out of box’ problem solving and alternative methods to finding solutions
  • Have fun and meet new friends from other villages
  • Provide foundation and skills needed — computer skills, logic and reasoning skills


  • Youth Leadership
  • Computer Learning
  • Improved Study Habits
  • Mini Career Day with Local leaders
  • Innovation experiments
  • Harnessing Creativity
  • Competitive Soccer
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