The Tanzania team is located in the northern region of Tanzania and is considered the base for Asante Africa- Tanzania. Collectively, they manage multiple program activity in 4 regions, with growing program activity in 7 other regions.


DONNA DUGGAN, Chairperson

Donna is a registered nurse and midwife by trade, but fell in love with Tanzania in 1995 on her first visit. For several years, Donna used her medical skills for peri-natal and pediatric volunteer work, and thus became aware of the lack of quality in the education and healthcare sectors in Tanzania.
In 2004, Donna met, fell in love and married her Tanzanian husband, Naseeb. They now own and operate Maasai Wanderings Ltd. Along with Asante Africa Foundation they are dedicated to making improvements for the future of Tanzania through education.


Dennis Lyamuya serves on the Tanzanian board for the Asante Africa Foundation. As a guide with Into Africa Ecotourism, Dennis worked with local communities to build schools and provide food, textbooks and educational supplies. It was one of these trips that inspired Erna Grasz to create Asante Africa Foundation.
He entered the College of African Wildlife Management — Mweka and expanded his knowledge of environmental and natural resources protection, wildlife management, and the co-existence of humans and nature.


Education isn’t a job for Yohana Mcha; it’s her life. In her 30+ years with the Tanzanian public education system, she taught school at every level, from primary to university. Retirement didn’t last long. She went on to found her own school, Orkolili Secondary, as a way of giving back to society, paying forward for the education she had been given.
Madam Mcha holds both a Bachelor of Education in Linguistics and an MA in General Linguistics from the University of Dar es Salaam, & a Master of Science in Applied Linguistics at University of Edinburgh (Scotland).


Mr. Mgunya is the recently retired DEO for Monduli District. We have known Mr. Mgunya for several years now as a Executive Committee Member in our Integrated Teachers Training Committee. He was selected by his 14 DEO peers to represent their voice on the Executive Committee.
He has 36 years of experience and expertise in the Tanzania Educational System; initially as a teacher, then as a Headmaster for 18 years ( many of those in the Linde area of TZ) and then as a DEO of Monduli District for 6 years.


Mr. Richard Mabala is originally from the United Kingdom and gave up his passport to become an official Tanzanian. He has been an educator, professor at university, a poet, a recognized writer of Secondary school English readers ( Mabala the Farmer, Haza the Bus Driver, and others).
He has also formed a Youth action organization based out of Arusha – TaMasha – who is very active in similar programming as Asante Africa Foundation. He is writing a couple of new books and consulting for UNICEF currently.


Fred is co-founder of Watotowetu Development Foundation, a charity registered in Tanzania to support street connected children in Arusha, deliver effective teacher training programs, and empower women. He is married to Dorothy and they manage Cherith Junior School (www.cherithjuniorschool.sc.tz) , a school they founded in 2008.
Fredrick has a Bachelor Degree in Education from The Open University of Tanzania and MA in Community Development from Mt. Meru University.





EWALD TESHA, Program manager

Ewald holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics from Open University of Tanzania, a Certificate on participatory method of teaching from Mwenge University College of Education, and a Certificate for working with Children, Families and Communities affected by HIV/AIDS, Conflict, Poverty and Displacement, from Kwazul Natal University, South Africa.
Ewald’s ambition is to use his professional skills to help develop prosperity in the community. He is passionate about empowering youth through education and leadership.

ZELOTE LOILANG-AKAKI, Manager of Strategic Partnerships

Mr. Loilang’akaki holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Education from Dar es Salaam University, majoring in mathematics and physics and qualified as a secondary school science teacher. He also holds Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Community Economic Development from the Eastern and Southern African Management Institute and Southern New Hampshire University/Open University of Tanzania.
Mr. Loilang’akaki worked for over 10 years with World Vision Tanzania as a Christian Commitment Coordinator, Senior Program Officer for Operations, and Zonal Manager for Northern Region.

ZAKAYO KIPUYO, Finance and Administration Manager

Zakayo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from the Arusha Institute of Accountancy where he graduated with honors. Among his specialties are Accounting, Project Management, Strategic and Business Planning, Team Leadership and Team Building.
He is currently pursuing a post graduate degree in Project Management at Jommo Kenyatta University. Zakayo is married and the father of 2 young children.

GLORY SHAYO, Scholarship Coordinator and Girls' Program Associate

Glory Shayo was born in kilema village in mosh rural. She is the fifth child in her family. She studied business administration at Iringa Retco Business College.
She joined Asante Africa Foundation as part of her college’s practical training requirements. She’s enjoying her role as intern working with the local Asante Africa team. Her dream is to become an entrepreneur who will be in a position to manage her own business which will satisfy the needs of the local community.

JULITA KESSY, Girls' Advancement Program Manager

Julita has B.A in Community Development major in Project Planning and Management, Certificate of good leadership by Depot Kenya. She has worked with Compassion International as a health worker and giving counselling guidance to the children on the child support program.
She has also worked with White Orange Youth on HIV/AIDS awareness with youth and communities. Her desire is to touch peoples lives positively in every undertaking that she does. Her hobbies are singing and practicing karate.

ALBERT JUMBE, Scholarship Coordinator

Albert Jumbe is the Scholarship Coordinator for the Asante Africa Foundation. As the Scholarship Coordinator, Albert works with local communities to build schools, provide textbooks and educational supplies. Albert has worked as a tour and safari guide for various companies in the past 7 years; as a result, he decided to start his own company, Discover TZ, with other local experienced safari guides. The idea behind Discover TZ is to create employment for the local people.

THEOPISTA SEUYA - On Sabbatical at Bristol University

Theo has a BS in Education with a specific focus on In Service Teacher’s training. She was a Secondary School Principal at Peace House Secondary School in Tanzania. She has participated for 5 years in the award winning student centered teachers training by MWUCE both as participants and later as an advisor.
She is a community facilitator between the District Education Officers with stakeholders and program implementers. She has the tenacity and strength and insights to facilitate success within the MoE systems.

GLORIA MUSHI, Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator

Gloria R. Mushi came to Asante Africa foundation with strong expertise in analytics, data analysis and program management. She hold a degree in Sociology and Anthropology from University of Dar es salaam, currently perusing her Masters on Economic and Community development at the Open University of Tanzania.
She is also experienced working in the government sector of NSSF and US Embassy and in an community based entrepreneurial business.

JOEL SIATOT, ICT Project Coordinator

Joel believes that ICT will transform the lives of the poor rural Tanzanians by impacting the ICT key concepts to them. Moreover, his life’s passion statement is to help people accomplish far more than they ever thought was possible and by teaching them personal business management.
Previously, Joel worked as a marketing manager for an electrical manufacturing company in Tanzania. He graduated with honors from Arusha University with an MBA in Strategic Marketing and Entrepreneurship and a B.A in Sociology from University of Dar Es salaam.


Luciana is pursuing Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Technology at Sokoine University of Agriculture. Apart from that Luciana also worked with different food institutions as food technologist in maintaining the quality of foods to the consumer and volunteer in community services at Asante Africa Foundation when she has extra time during holiday.
She has also been paying it forward to change the next generation as change agents by facilitation leadership and entrepreneurship skills to youth.

JUMA MUSA, Alumni Staff



Lepilali is a medical student at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University pursuing the first degree on medicine (MD), with a focus of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon. He believes in science as the way to deal with nature particularly tropical diseases.
As a medical student, Lepilali works with youth and students to help them map their dreams and realize their potentials as well as inspiring them to take science subjects. He believes the fact by showing others what they need in turn you will get what you want.


JOSEPH MELIO, Alumni Staff



Dorin joined Asante Africa Foundation as a part of her training activity and job carrier. She has been “paying it forward” to different primary schools on Health, personal leadership and finance; she has also an entrepreneur business of printing shirts. She expects to join university soon pursuing her Bachelor degree in Health.
She enjoys her role as intern working with local Asante Africa Team. Her Dream is to become the person is needed to help people in the community.

BALIHABU ZAMIRU, Leadership Program Regional Coordinator

One of our Lushoto Regional Coordinator, Form four Gap year, Apart from coordinating the after school clubs she also volunteer at Sunga Secondary ensuring her school mates acquire the best education by advising and sharing experience on how to perform better in their exams.
Her dream is to support her mother becomes a great entrepreneur by investing whatever she gains to their small enterprises. She believes hard working pays.

SOPHIA ALLY, Leadership Program Regional Coordinator

She has been an active member of leadership and entrepreneurship club at Sunga Secondary in Lushoto for two years, she has now become part of Asante’s team in coordinating and supporting the newly formed leadership and entrepreneurship after school clubs in Lushoto.
She intends to pay it forward to nearby schools with the support of club leaders and school administration. Her dream is to become a great journalist.

RAPHAEL MARANDU, Youth Livelihoods Regional Coordinator

One of our Rombo Regional coordinators who holds a certificate of Secondary Education, Supporting the leadership and Entrepreneurship after school clubs in collaboration with the club leaders in ensuring the clubs are operating.
He also works with the Rombo districts as a tax collector in markets and bus stations as well as Bus agent that go to cities like Mwanza and Dar es Salaam. He is interested in livestock keeping including sheep and goats