The Week Continues and Everyone is Growing Day by Day

We, as a group, spend alot of time discussing how life is hard and that struggle cannot be avoided. Who will you bring into your circle of supporters to help you along the rough path? How can you make better decisions as you are learning and growing. Will you let that struggle be a brick wall or a rock in your road to work around?

We had excellent speakers and teachers who came to present to us on HIV-AIDS, substance abuse, how to manage the changes in our bodies as we are growing up and how violence is not acceptable- including sexual abuse, physical abuse and all other kinds of harrassment and abuse. Some of these lectures and interactive sessions were intense and highly informative. Almost every student did not want the HIV session to end because there was so much to learn.

We also had a working session on “Paying it Forward” and how all of us are blessed in some way with talents and skills that can be shared with others. You do not have to wait for your dream to be realized to start to make a difference in other people’s lives.

We did have a fun outing to a restaurant for Nyama Choma ( Roasted Goat). This was the first time for many to even be inside a restaurant. Everyone enjoyed the meat, the fellowship, the dancing and the singing that finished the night.

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