We have a unique and novel system level approach to keep young people in school, particularly vulnerable girls and youth and we prepare them to be ready for life beyond the classroom. Our 2015 report has shown that our programs are working – in 2015 alone, we have touched over 104,000 lives across 133 schools. Over 6,000 girls learned they had human rights, how to make healthier choices and how to save money. To learn more, please visit our Program Impact page.
Yes! We have tools and techniques to help you raise funds for a specific project and you can get your friends involved with you too. You can donate money raised to a specific item. You can also donate to one of our educational programs. Please Contact Us for more information.
Yes! We do set up programs that allow a percentage of funds to be contributed monthly and annually. Please visit our Donation page.
At Asante Africa Foundation, 89% of your donation goes directly to projects on the ground in Kenya and Tanzania. Asante Africa spends 14 %  of that amount on Project Monitoring and Evaluation to make sure our programs are reaching their desired outcomes – and if they are not, then the programs are improved  to meet the needs of participants.  And while numbers are important to us, the success stories are even more important. They make the numbers real and come to life. Please read about our success stories on our blog.
Many donors choose to make a gift on behalf of a loved one for a special holiday, or just because. You can give a gift in someone else’s name by checking the box “this gift is in honor/memory of someone” in the donation form. When your donation is received, we send a personalized card with your gift in the mail. However if you would like the gift to be received faster, due to an event or holiday, we will be happy to send an ecard. Please see our donation page to donate a gift today.
Scholarships for our students education costs is one of our greatest needs. Asante Africa Foundation raises funds to provide education through merit-based scholarships to students, both girls and boys, for a full school year. We provide scholarships to students who are academically talented, eager to learn, and financially challenged. You can provide a student scholarship even if you live outside of the United States. Click here for more information on our student scholarships. As the school terms begin, we will coordinate enrollment of the children on our waiting list, and let you know a bit about your student and facilitate a letter exchange if you wish.
Yes! There numerous ways you can contribute and be a part of the global change.  You can donate with Paypal, shop will AmazonSmile, donate your frequent flyer miles, shop at our marketplace, give gifts of stock, sponsor a child and even donate in honor of someone. We also do corporate matching. Please visit our Donationpage for more information about the various options available.


There are many ways to help Asante Africa beyond donating.  We frequently have need for specific talents, research projects, and are regularly in need of ongoing skills and support. Visit our Get Involved page to learn more.
Thank you for considering using your passions, talents, and connections to raise money to transform lives. To set up a fundraiser, please visit our Get Involved page and take a look at the available downloads for hosting a fundraiser.
Yes! Please see our Marketplace. It’s full of items that come from the communities where we work and are made by the women and children who live there. We are also listed as an organization in AmazonSmile. Visit, and choose “Asante Africa Foundation” as the charity of your choice. A percentage of all purchases bought on AmazonSmile will be donated to the AAF.
Thank you for your interest to support Asante Africa. We are largely volunteer driven on the USA side of the world. This keeps our costs down and allows us to keep our program work going. Please see our Opportunities page for more information on current internships and volunteer positions.  
We often have jobs based in Kenya and Tanzania but can only be filled by local residents. Please see our Get Involved page for other ways you can support our organization.


Asante Africa Foundation addresses the root causes of why youth are unsuccessful through educational programs and scholarships in Kenya and Tanzania. We also elevate classroom learning by strengthening teachers’ professional skills and resources, and providing leadership, entrepreneurship and job preparedness training for secondary school students. For more information, please see our About Us page.
In every program that we offer we have three fundamental unique attributes that set us apart. 1) Our organization is passionate about engaging the communities where we work from the very beginning. This ensures that the program is theirs, not ours. 2) We call it “Paying it Forward”. Every person who is a recipient of a program we offer is also a benefactor and will be sharing their knowledge and skills for their family, friends and community to benefit as well. 3) We actively engage the youth and teachers as active alumni. They are a part of the knowledge transfer, data collection, and frequently get jobs in the areas that we have trained them in.
Asante Africa Foundation was established in 2006 by three women: Erna Grasz, a Silicon Valley corporate executive with an advanced degree in engineering, Emmy Moshi, a Tanzanian entrepreneur residing in the Kilimanjaro region and Hellen Nkuraiya, a school principal and esteemed member of the Kenyan Maasai tribe. What began as a two-village project, led by three women with a passion for youth and education, has expanded to over 100 partnerships (and counting) with schools in 135+ villages in Kenya and Tanzania.
Yes! We passionately believe in continuously improving. Over the past two years we implemented innovation and digital resources for data collection and real time global data management. We leveraged quantitative and qualitative data to improve our decision making, our programs, and our future plans.Our focus on monitoring, evaluation, and learning has enabled us to quantify, in detail, the impact of our programs, both on the direct participants and the indirect who gain from knowledge sharing and positive influence. Behind each program vision is a thoughtful, analytical action plan identifying key performance indicators to ensure focus and results. Please see our Program Impact page for more information.
We have a 2020 strategic plan that guides our activities on an annual basis. We are very deliberate in our growth and scaling strategy. While replicating our programs is interesting, we do not want to compromise quality. We are exploring partnerships and collaborations in Uganda and Rwanda.