Uganda Global Board Meeting

Global Board and Senior Staff from Uganda

Our Global Board met in person for the first-time post-pandemic, last week. As a Global Board we visited 4 schools, and we heard story after story after transformative story of our young scholars.

There were many highlights, but here are four that we will share now:

  • Some of these young scholars who were sleeping in the animal shed before and are now preparing for senior exams and are looking to be in the top of their class in terms of their scores.
  • We met young girls who we had given one time scholarship. There was no food in their houses – no hope of school without a scholarship—they were due to be married soon, just from a survival perspective–because there was no choice.
  • We witnessed a gorgeous school that had started an income generating project. They had built a canteen out of wooden planks and they were selling things like cookies, juices, pencils, notebooks to the other kids in the school and they were using that many to help a fellow student – who was an orphan – pay school fees.
  • Finally, young girls learning how to navigate technology….in front of our Global Board of 30 visitors they were showing us what an HDMI cable is, how to connect a projector to a laptop, how to turn on our educational content which is on a local hard drive and project on walls. The shining moment was one the other students in the school heard that there was something being projected hundreds of kids flooded into the room to see what was going on!

Our four Global Boards (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and the US) come together to learn, unlearn and re-learn what it means to be committed to the mission and vision to help our children thrive as they start to architect their future dreams and move toward those dreams.

By the end of the 3 days together our Global Board was totally synchronized. The Board had many really rich discussions as to how we need to support each direction better and improve communications.

Finally, we just communed. We ate together, we had fun, we took silly pictures, we visited, we told stories and as a global team we really reunited after 3 years post-pandemic.

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