Volunteer Spotlight — Tricia Wagga

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My name is Tricia Wagga. I began volunteering with Asante Africa Foundation in April of 2015. My team is the volunteer coordination team and I currently work on tasks such as data entry into Salesforce and posting volunteer and job opportunities on various websites.

I joined Asante Africa Foundation because of my love for the countries of Kenya and Tanzania. My children are of Kenyan descent and I am always looking at ways to help empower children so that they can have increased odds of rising out of poverty.

I am someone who thrives on taking on multiple projects because I always want to use my time on Earth to give back. The Kenyan people I have met along the way have been so kind to me and it is a privilege for me to be able to help them and Tanzanians with my volunteer hours.

Africa is an incredible continent with a lot of promise. I always smile when I see the photos of the children who are positively impacted by the work of the volunteers, interns and employees at Asante Africa Foundation. In all of us, we have the ability to serve others, we just have to use our talents to improve the world. I know that I cannot change things for everyone that needs help. However, my efforts can begin to make ripples that can make a much larger impact when combined with those from others along the way.

My team is very cohesive which I enjoy and it makes the work that much easier because I can easily see the results of my efforts. All of my team members care about the cause and will go above and beyond to meet their deadlines because they have a passion for Asante Africa Foundation’s cause. My favorite quote about volunteering is from Helen Keller and it is, “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” I am grateful to have never felt alone while volunteering with this organization.

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