World AIDS Day. Increasing awareness to fight HIV

There are over 35 million people living with HIV in the world and more than two-thirds of them live in Sub-Saharan Africa where 1 in 20 adults is infected. With antiretroviral treatment, life expectancy for people living with HIV is over 70 years, while those who do not get treatment typically survive for only 3 years. In Africa, less than half of HIV infected people get access to antiretroviral therapy. Many people in rural areas have not been diagnosed and are not aware of being infected. AIDS breaks up families and affects economy, but there are ways to stop it from spreading.

Asante Africa Foundation strongly believes that education is a key to an effective response to HIV/AIDS pandemic. Studies have shown that education leads to better health and educated youth are 57% less likely to contract HIV. Asante Africa promotes education for children in Kenya and Tanzania by building infrastructure, teacher training, scholarships and providing supplies for the classrooms. At the same time, Asante Africa helps students to learn skills they can use in a real life.

Asante Africa’s Girl program is focused on promoting healthy life style among girls, and HIV/STD prevention awareness is a part of the curriculum. The risk of becoming HIV infected is disproportionally higher for young women than it is for young men. This is why girls should have access to information about ways of HIV prevention. 81% of the girls who went through the Asante Africa’s Girl program reported increased awareness, confidence and knowledge and 64% of the girls felt more empowered to manage their body’s needs. While scientists are looking for AIDS cure, you can help to prevent new cases of HIV infection by supporting Asante Africa’s Girl program. Please donate today in honor of World AIDS Day.

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