Celebrating World Teachers Day

Oct 4, 2022

Day of TeachersTeaching is one of the most crucial jobs one can have. Educating the current and future generations to come is critically important to ensure worldwide peace, prosperity, and equality. Teachers are a supporting pillar of our society, a building block of our lives, a book with wisdom, and a brain trust transforming students into responsible citizens.

The contribution of teachers to the community is underappreciated. These prominent and leading personalities should be remembered and admired. That is why teachers are globally celebrated on the 5th of October with the International Day of Teachers. It marks the anniversary adoption of the 1966 ILO/UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers which sets the standards for learning and teaching conditions, the responsibilities and rights, recruitment, employment, and a benchmark for the commencing preparation and schooling condition. On this day, we pay tribute to teachers all over the world who educate the next generation of leaders.   

In the ever-changing landscape of global education, Asante Africa Foundation places an emphasis on training and equipping teachers with digital literacy skills so that both they and their students can thrive in the 21st century. 

Every year, digital learning tools are becoming more interwoven in our classrooms. To set students up for success in the 21st century, we must first train our teachers on how to utilize digital learning methods in the classroom. Asante Africa Foundation does this through our Accelerated Learning Program.

Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) strives to meet the needs of access to education while ensuring high-quality learning with a focus on reading, numeracy, and digital literacy. ALP accelerates learning in the classrooms through hands-on training, leveraging digital tools and localized learning resources enabling high-quality outcomes for both teachers and students..

Today we will look deeper at teachers who promote digital learning in the classroom. Digital education’s benefits are limitless, and we see this through two first-hand accounts from teachers who have been empowered through our Accelerated Learning Program:

Meet Peter, a former teacher who now trains teachers and students as a Digital Transformation Technician for Asante Africa Foundation in Tanzania

“Asante Africa is transforming the youth and removing the gap of education between urban and rural areas through digital learning and education technology. As a teacher by profession, I experienced many challenges when using computers or projectors. After receiving training on education technology through Asante Africa Foundation, I was able to improve my teaching skills. I now confidently interact with digital devices like computers, projectors, and tablets. Technology improves the means of teaching for teachers and learning for our youth. My teaching skills are now more effective and class interaction has increased significantly due to digital knowledge, access to learning materials online, and digital devices.”


Meet Madam Blandina, a teacher who attended our Digital Transformation workshop in Tanzania

“What I have learned today is that Asante Africa beneficiary is not just for club patrons/matrons but rather the whole education sector. I would like to congratulate Asante Africa for including the program that helps all teachers and students in schools. Asante Africa has always been resilient towards solving problems in the community with all its heart. The act of helping and educating teachers has paved the road for understanding and learning concerning the use of digital devices for all of us. Students and teachers now have access to the digital library with digitized notes to gain more factual knowledge and perform well in academics. In addition, this program is just the best source for any teacher within the school. Now we can use the digital content not only for club beneficiaries but for the schools as well.”


The incorporation of digital devices into the traditional education system is changing the education sector in East Africa. As we conduct workshops for teachers to learn more about digital learning in the classroom, we are setting up students and teachers to succeed in an ever-evolving digital world. As we continue to invest in teachers through our Accelerated Learning Program, these teachers inspire students to become change-makers in their community.  To teachers everywhere who inspire students’ dreams through education, Asante sana (thank you)! 

WRITTEN BY: Ayesha Hameed Khattak

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