Youth Leading the Transformation ~ 2019 Impact

June 24, 2020

We have been amplifying our impact in 2019! In the last year Asante Africa saw more students graduate, more youth launching small businesses, and more girls becoming leaders with boys as their allies. We experienced major accomplishments such as:

Youth Leading the Transformation


We registered Uganda as an independent entity and launching our Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator Program in the Kassanda District.

Youth Leading the Transformation


Staff members and alumni were invited to participate with renown organizations such as the Obama Foundation and the Youth African Leaders Initiative East Africa.

Youth Leading the Transformation


We gained new partnerships with significant players like Kenya Red Cross and Solutions for Youth Employment.

By focusing on quality education in communities “off the paved roads,” emphasizing entrepreneurial and finance skills, and empowering leadership, youth are equipped to enter the workforce and become changemakers. They strive to positively transform their communities. Youth are leading the transformation and we are right along beside them.

Actively Paving
Their Own Path

Our youth-centered approach allows youth to select learning modules that best fit their needs. The ownership and self-governance, along with support from Asante Africa staff and teachers, allows youth to develop teamwork, confidence, and leadership to learn, grow, and collectively strengthen their resilience.

Achieving Successful
Academic Transitions

We train for quality learning in the classroom and gender equity in education with a 21st century relevant, learner-centered curriculum that supports higher enrollment, retention, and achievement. Scholarships increase access to education where scholars learn and follow our “Pay-it-Forward” model to generate funding for their siblings’ school fees, creating a “scholarship ripple” and multiplying the positive impact.

Youth Leading the Transformation


Increase in active
goal setting

Youth Leading the Transformation


Increase in boys accepting
girls as leaders

Youth Leading the Transformation


Transitioned to
high school

Thriving in the Local and
Global Economy

A hands-on approach prepares youth for employment in their local economy. In school-based clubs, youth create income-generating projects and learn the basics of small businesses, teamwork, and financial management. Students use a human-centered approach to create entrepreneurial projects to address needs in their communities such as agriculture and animal husbandry. Youth gain experience selling in the local market and are more prepared for employment.

Creating Ripples of
Positive Change

Our “Pay-it-Forward” model encourages youth to reinvest in their community and share their skills with peers, family, and community members. When youth “Pay-it-Forward” and inspire others to create positive changes, they create a ripple that continues to grow and expand their impact. More leaders and role models emerge into their communities to drive growth, solve local problems, and build a stronger Africa.

Youth Leading the Transformation


Increase in youth employed in desirable jobs

 Youth Leading the Transformation


Income generating
activities initiated

Youth Leading the Transformation


Actively engaged in
the community

Youth Leading the Transformation

2019 Impact by Program


Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator (LEI)

Youth are mobilized to be business owners and self-starters.


Wezesha Vijana (Adolescent Girls’ Advancement)

Girls are established as leaders and valued members of society.


Accelerated Learning
in the Classroom

Teachers are cultivating student success in and out of the classroom.



Education opportunities are bridging youth to prospective futures.

Youth are leading the transformation.

76,281 Lives Impacted in 2019

Do you want to create your own ripple of change?

Interested in what the youth are up to?

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