Youth Livelihood Program (YLP)

Building leadership skills

We work closely with our partner schools and community leaders to deliver 21st-century leadership skills to the youth who, without this program, would have little opportunity to overcome endemic barriers. Teaching our three-pronged approach—Job Readiness, Entrepreneurship Skills, and Personal Development— equips our young people with the tools they need to plan and achieve a successful future.


With an average unemployment rate exceeding 12%; youth face difficulties finding a job in the workforce.

Employers and governments have identified key areas in which youth need 21st-century leadership skills to succeed. Those areas are life skills (leadership, work ethic, communication), job readiness (problem-solving, team work), and entrepreneurship.


Asante Africa Foundation believes that students who are engaged learners will remain active in school and seek extra-curricular experiences.

As a result, we work closely with partner schools and our students’ communities to deliver 21st century skills to rural youth and support the advancement of their education.


Upon completion of the 3 accelerating sessions, participants have the necessary skills to enter the job market and start their own businesses. Many also continue on to higher education in pursuit of their personal vision.

LEI supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically #8: “To promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.”

Asante students developing leadership skills



  • Leadership Club Formations
  • Goal Setting
  • Human Rights Awareness
  • Financial Literacy
  • Leadership Development


  • Internships
  • Resume & Interviewing
  • Industry Exploration
  • Project Planning
  • Professional Etiquette


  • Internships
  • Resume & Interviewing
  • Industry Exploration
  • Project Planning
  • Professional Etiquette


Cross-Border Collaboration | Pay it Forward | Teacher Empowerment

Pay-it-Forward initiatives developed by youth to benefit their peers, families, and communities have led to a far greater impact. Graduates from the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator Program (LEI) remain active in community and civic engagement. Projects like leadership and peer mentoring clubs, youth-based businesses, and community NGOs focused on social change continue to grow every day throughout the East African region.

Asante students in leadership class

Cross-Border Collaboration

Each year the program is offered in alternating countries to broaden the students’ experiences. Many have never left their villages. LEI participants (from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda) come together to learn, create business incubation opportunities, and interact with diverse East African leaders.


Teacher Empowerment

A certification program is planned for teachers, Heads of Schools and District Education Officers. Once LEI training is completed, teachers will have an additional tool kit to share valuable knowledge assets with their students, their fellow teachers

 Asante youth students

Knowledge Transfer/Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward programs are designed by youth to benefit their families, communities, and the world around them. Amazingly, the average ratio of participants to lives impacted is 1:221 over the three year program duration. Examples of Pay It Forward projects include: leadership clubs, youth based business, peer mentoring clubs and community NGOs.

youth empowered through leadership


By utilizing the “learn-do-teach” model, participants impact their entire communities by sharing their knowledge with others, allowing a single participant to impact over 6,000 lives. The number of participants actively setting goals increased by 67% after the program. There was an increase of 61% in participants reporting that they had the confidence to lead others and a 75% increase in boys stating that they accepted girls as leaders.

Read the 5-Year Impact Study


youth launched pay-it-forward community support initiatives


Small Businesses Sustained in 2021


of youth assisted families in having accurate pandemic knowledge


children recieved digital and at-home learning materials

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