We are a strong, vibrant, and engaged global team committed to empowering East Africa’s youth to confidently address life’s challenges and opportunities, thrive in the global economy, and catalyze positive change. Because complex system challenges require system solutions, we deliver an ecosystem model of interconnected programs that encourage, educate, train, and apply knowledge to life challenges. Programs are managed by local staff and delivered in concert with global support and key partners in the communities where we work.


Educate and empower the next generation of change agents, whose dreams and actions transform the future for Africa and the world.




Country HQ Offices : 
Narok, Kenya 
Arusha, Tanzania 
Kassanda, Uganda 
Livermore, CA


Develop Africa’s youth through leadership, entrepreneurship, and job readiness training.

Empower girls with health and hygiene knowledge, finance and business skills, and social skills.

Ensure quality education by training teachers and providing digital & low-cost resources.

Award scholarships to gifted students to provide better chances to succeed.


Origins of Asante Africa Foundation

Local implementation teams in Kenya and Tanzania, and globally guided Boards ( KE, TZ, USA) the Asante Africa Foundation is recognized for delivering educated resilient East African youth who can confidently address life’s challenges, thrive in the global economy, and catalyze positive change...

Our youth enter into the community capable of managing obstacles and opportunities as they arise. We tackle complex system level challenges that girls, boys, and particularly vulnerable rural youth face. Our three main programs are: Girls’ Advancement, Accelerated Classroom Learning, and Youth Leadership, Job Readiness and Entrepreneurship. Foundational to all areas are Community and Parental Engagement, Teacher’s Training, and Community Reinvestment or Pay It Forward. We align and partner with government organizations at every level and have deep program activity in 4 Tanzania regions and 15 Kenya counties, with seeds planted in several additional.

About the Founder

Erna Grasz co-founded Asante Africa Foundation with two visionary African women from Kenya and Tanzania. She refers to herself as a Systems Engineer turned Systems Entrepreneur for Global Impact. Originally trained as an Electrical-System Engineer, she spent her early career at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and then in Silicon Valley...

While spending 25 years in the Corporate world as a senior executive, she earned the reputation as a strategic leader, “organizer of chaos” and with demonstrated success in diverse industries, including medical device, defense research, and semiconductor capital equipment. In 2012 she left the corporate world to manage the organization full time. Erna brings her business savviness to the Non Profit world and is the visionary behind many of the organization’s innovative programs and practices. She has a strong belief in local staff, local partnerships and developing local talent for the long term sustainability. In 2013 Erna was the recipient of the Jefferson Award for public service. In 2014 She received a “Distinguished Engineering” Award for her Innovation in Developing Countries. In 2016 She was a HULT Prize Judge for Innovation in Urban slums ( Clinton Global Initiative).  Recently Erna received the 2018 Gratitude Network Award.


Our local management and staff (located in East Africa) have active and long standing relationships with existing schools, communities, community based organizations, and officials. The majority of local staff have been a part of Asante Africa Foundation for over 4 years with expertise implementing programs in extreme rural environments. Each local organization is independently governed by an all volunteer and contributing board of directors leveraging best practices and contextually relevant programming. 100% of the Global Board of Directors provides financial support and guide global strategy. A lean-staffed USA “back office” is supported by a strong volunteer team.



In 2013, PriceWaterhouseCooper (PWC) teamed with Asante Africa Foundation to develop and facilitate implementation of a multi-year action plan. In 2015, PWC conducted a seven-point organizational assessment and facilitated an organizational growth plan to meet our 2020 vision and multi-year plan. This plan is being actively implemented. Available upon request


Key investing, corporate, and implementing partners provide financial and organizational support to fulfill our mission at exceptionally low administrative costs (less than 10%) while also being instrumental at raising awareness.  We are a 100% secular, non-political foundation. While we gratefully accept funding from faith-based organizations, we do not accept funding requiring Asante Africa to promote either a specific religious or political viewpoint.

Funding Partners

Implementing & Pro-bono Partners


10 years serving East Africa’s Youth has allowed Asante Africa Foundation to grow in scope and expertise. Those years bring to mind awards reaped by individuals working for the organization, as well as specific programs that we still work on today.