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Asante Africa Foundation
2021-2025 Strategic Plan

media kit 2020

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Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator (LEI) Program Downloads


youth employment programa


How are Youth Employment Programs Adapting to COVID‒19?,
published 2020

young women leading change

Synthesis Report

Young Women Leading Change: Lessons from the Youthpower Learning Prize Grantees, published 2020

transforming vulnerable girls

Program Evaluation

Transforming Vulnerable Girls to Entrepreneurial Women, YouthPower Learning, published 2019

Highlights Report

Girl-Led Leadership and Entrepreneurship Club, published 2019

Program Overview

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator Program, Published 2018

Program Evaluation

From Vulnerable Girls to Entrepreneurial Women, published 2018


2017 Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator Report, Published 2018

LEI 5 Year Outcomes Study

Leadership & Entrepreneurship Incubator Program, Published 2017

Program E-Book

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator, published 2015

Program Evaluation

Evaluation Asante Africa Foundation’s Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator Program, published 2015

White Paper

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator Program, published 2015

Highlights Report

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator 2014, published 2015

Girls’ Advancement Program Downloads




Exploring effects of Male inclusion in Violence Prevention Programming: ‘Girls Advancement Programme’ Case Study
Published 2020

Outcomes Study Overview

Girls’ Advancement Program,
Published 2019

Highlights Report

Adolescent Girs-Kenya, Published 2019

Empowering Boys to Advance Girls

Designing an effective violence prevention program for rural East Africa,
Published 2019

Outcomes Study Overview

Girls’ Advancement Program Outcomes Study, Published 2017

UNGEI Policy Brief

Girls’ Learning & Empowerment-The Role of School Environments, published 2016

UNGEI Document Case Study

Wezesha Vijana: Girls’ Advancement Program, published 2016

Policy Brief

Mentoring for Kenya’s Marginalized Girls – Benefits, Challenges, and Policies. Published 2016


Safe and Sanitary Latrines, published 2015

Program E-Book

Girls’ Advancement Program, Wezesha Vijana, published 2015

Accelerated Learning in the Classroom Program Downloads


Policy Analysis

The Path to a Viable COVID-19 Emergency Education Response, published 2020

White Paper

Integrated Teachers’ Training, published 2015

Policy Recommendations

Bringing Modern Technology into Rural Kenyan Classrooms to Promote Better Education, published 2014


E-Learning for Teachers Training, published 2013