Fueling Her Future by Selling Petrol

by | Aug 7, 2020

Night(15) is part of the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator(LEI) and a form two student at Ssingo Secondary & Vocational School. With her business management skills, Night initiated a fuel selling project in her community where she buys jerry cans of petrol for 80,000 Ugandan shillings(UGX) and sells them in small half-liter and liter quantities to boda boda riders in her community for a total of 90,000 UGX. In the end, she makes a profit of about 10,000 UGX per jerry can.

Since there is no petrol station deep in her village, she is simultaneously making fuel more accessible to riders in her community and acquiring basic needs for her family such as food, medication, and clothes. Night’s business continues to grow as she aims to increase her petrol supply in the future.

Fueling Her Future by Selling Petrol
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