A Small Shop Thrives on Big Dreams, Uganda

Jun 17, 2021

Ruth, an enterprising young woman from Uganda, is dedicated to developing a business that serves her community. As a participant in Asante Africa Foundation’s Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator Program (LEI), Ruth is acquiring the necessary skills to pursue her professional ambitions.     

Through education provided by LEI, Ruth has been able to open her own shop where she sells milk tea and bread. On a typical day she serves her goods in the morning and in the evening, but she faces challenges in doing so. Not long ago, Ruth shared with us that she has difficulties keeping the tea warm because she lacks the necessary equipment to do so. Still, she is working through these challenges and even expanding her business. 

Inspired by a recent training seminar organized by Asante Africa, this savvy business entrepreneur has also begun manufacturing and selling sanitary pads which are much needed in this region of Africa.  Ruth was proud to present for us one of the handmade pads she is now offering for sale in her shop. Even students who could not attend the seminar are having success replicating the skills taught with assistance from those who learned directly and pass on their knowledge in the spirit of the Pay it Forward philosophy. 

Ruth continues to grow her business, problem solve existing issues, and think ahead to new opportunities. She hopes to purchase a kettle to keep her tea warm and her customers happy.  

A Small Shop Thrives on Big Dreams, Uganda
A Small Shop Thrives on Big Dreams, Uganda
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