African Women Are Women of Great Worth

Asante Africa

~ Proudly An African Woman
Poem by: M. Assumpta Ezinne Okeke, EHJ


I was born One but in reality, lived None,
I, in an unseen Environment lived in Detriment,
I, in a Situation, set back in Illusion,
Because I am a GIRL.

I lived alone Single and not to be Seen,
I, who when Hurt was not Heard,
I, when I Mingle, will be left Melted,
Because I am a GIRL.

Living amongst Men, I am just a Woman,
And in the thoughts of Male, I am just a Female,
A word Mismanaged for I am just Minute,
Because I am a GIRL.

I, who not Respected but Relegated,
Attributing success to Gender, while breeding Danger,
To a life so Broad, loosing its Beauty,
Because I am GIRL.


In creature Equality gives Quality,
For equal Education, yields growth in Economy,
I stand Courageous, in healthy Confidence,
Because I am a GIRL.

No more early Marriage leaving me Managed,
For in Clarity, I stand out in Creativity,
No more will Poverty lead me to Prison,
Because I am a GIRL.

I live Simple so that I can be Super,
Fighting sexual Abuse and traditions Abusive,
Counting Superiority in Superability,
Because I am a GIRL.


~M. Assumpta Ezinne Okeke, EHJ


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