Asante Africa Foundation teams up with Cheza Nami Foundation to create an unforgettable experience!

Asante Africa Foundation teams

Last week, Asante Africa Foundation and Cheza Nami Foundation created an enriching experience around numerous cultures and parts of the world. Through our collaborative efforts with Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, along with other employees and organizations, we sang, danced and “drummed” our way into discovering our cultural diversity. Erna Grasz, our very own CEO, was asked to emcee the event. She did not disappoint! She taught the audience how to say “thank you” in nine different languages and challenged the audience to learn a few Arabic dance moves with one of the dance performers.
The purpose behind this event was beautifully summed up in Erna’s own words:

“We each bring talents and gifts to an organization. They come from our cultures, our formal training, our life’s learning and our values. We as a team are stronger when we acknowledge and appreciate those unique attributes and take advantage of each others’ strengths.” — Erna Grasz, CEO/Founder, Asante Africa Foundation

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