Asante Africa Highlighted in Borgen Magazine

Oct 4, 2022 | Breaking News


The Borgen Magazine is a top media outlet for politics and human rights as well as an influential humanitarian organization. Borgen Magazine is produced by The Borgen Project, an influential humanitarian organization working to make global poverty a focus of U.S. foreign policy.

Earlier this year, Emily Xin, a Yale student and writer for the magazine, interviewed Asante Africa Foundation staff to learn more about our social impact organization. 

To read their article, click here 

Excerpt: “As an organization, Asante Africa has impacted 843,535 lives as of December 2021. Moreover, owing to Asante Africa’s efforts to address the pandemic’s impediments to accessing education in Uganda, 98% of children transitioned back to school in Uganda, a significant increase from the projected 30%.

Looking toward the future, Asante Africa seeks to expand its offered programs and restructure its fundraising processes. Singer explained that the organization has “a very aggressive goal to impact 1.6 million youth by 2025,” a rather realistic and attainable target, considering Asante Africa’s current reach of more than 840,000 students.”

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