Celebrating World Youth Skills Day

Written by Zakaria Attioui

World Youth Skills Day

Every year since 2014, on July 15th, there is a special global celebration called World Youth Skills Day. Created by the United Nations, “World Youth Skills Day celebrates the strategic importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work, and entrepreneurship.”

Why is WYSD important to Asante Africa Foundation?

For us, World Youth Skills Day carries a deep significance. Our day-to-day work revolves around serving East Africa’s most vulnerable youth and equipping them with 21st-century skills to succeed in the modern world.

While young people around the world have the motivation to create innovative solutions to worldwide challenges, many lack the critical skills needed to fuel their visions. At Asante Africa, we create an ecosystem of opportunities by providing 21st-century skills through three systemic programs: Accelerated Learning in the Classroom, Girls’ Advancement, and Youth Livelihoods

Through our Youth Livelihoods Program, which encompasses our Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator Program, youth are equipped with Job Readiness, Entrepreneurship Skills, and Personal Development. Once students acquire these valuable skills, they then Pay-It-Forward in their communities.


A Youth-Based Business by an LEI Alumni

Maureen (22) is a prime example of what happens when we equip youth with skills that fuel their visions.

MaureenMaureen gained 21st-century skills as a participant in our Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator Program (LEI) at Lolokwe Mixed Secondary School in Samburu County, Kenya. She learned personal responsibility and hard work, which have carried her through her education, personal life, and ultimately to starting a business. 

After Maureen completed secondary school, she opened a hotel in Lolokwe Center by obtaining a 20,000 ksh loan as starting capital from her relatives.

 Although the hotel is small now, it boasts of a promising future because of her tenacity and resilience. Unavoidable challenges of water storage facilities and lack of quality furniture have constantly posed a challenge in her day-to-day operations. Through resilience and innovation in her work, she has managed to save enough to purchase a water tank and plans to refurbish the hotel furniture through her savings. 

Maureen attributes much of her success to Asante Africa. With entrepreneurial skills gained in her LEI club and with strong support from club members, Maureen continues to receive motivation and guidance as an ambitious, young entrepreneur. 

Be a part of Maureen (and others’) Success…

21st-century skills like the ones Maureen gained change the lives of youth in East Africa and shape successful global citizens. Through our systematic approach, we’re on track to create powerful global participants with 1.6 million students by 2025. 

Be a part of the change happening around the world. To support our efforts in educating and empowering the next generation click here.

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