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Black Panther was a great movie that got global applause. For many Africans who watched it, the significant reason why they liked it was because the film projected the greatness that is expected of Africa. However, looking at the current scenario it seems that a lot needs to be done to uphold the greatness that is expected. A priority African Nations are doing to achieve this is to invest in its people, especially the young ones. It is little wonder why successful mangers make the assertion that “human beings are the greatest asset of any organisation.” It is on this note that Asante Africa Foundation considers itself a worthy partner, focused on making Africa work for Africans. The most significant way they have chosen to do this is by investing in young people, who have been impacted through its programs as attested by the beneficiaries.

“We, the youth today, are powerful and capable. We should dream and aim higher and never let our current situation determine our destiny. Whatever the situation, keep focus. Our family, community, and world in general are waiting for us to make positive changes.” — Lepilali, Asante Africa Scholar

Lepilali Ngoilenya is a beneficiary of Asante Africa’s Scholarship Program, an alumni staff, an active Leadership & Entrepreneurship Incubator (LEI) Program participant, the founder of the NGO Youth Dream Mapping Organisation (YDMO), and a medical student of cardiology, from Tanzania. Before joining Asante Africa, he was always sent out of school because he couldn’t pay school fees and had no dreams for his future. Lepilali shared that “I could have dropped from school, probably go back to my village.” However, after receiving the scholarship to continue school, he gives credit to the foundation in helping him develop self-confidence, in becoming focused to achieve his dreams and aspirations in life, and to always work hard and never give up no matter the challenges. He also developed a goal to work in small businesses, which is currently helping him earn money to pay the school fees for his two young sisters. Through his NGO, he is now determined more than ever to make many rural kids in primary school admire and develop the interest to continue their education through secondary school and universities.

“We believe young people are pillars of any nation and the society needs resilient youth who are educated, hard working, responsible, disciplined and Employable. And therefore we decided to start the Youth Leadership Club (YLC), as our way of “Paying it Forward.” Samwel Safari

Asante Africa’s programs are creating a great positive impact on African youth development. Samwel Safari, LEI Participant and Founder Youth Leadership Club, recalled when he was in secondary school and Asante Africa invited him and other students for a one-week LEI program summit in Nairobi, Kenya. The knowledge they got from the seminar brought more impact to their local Youth Leadership Club (YLC), as many youth decided to join afterward. Since their contact with Asante Africa, the membership of YLC has increased from 500 to 2044 and counting. The YLC branches also increased from 10 to 40 branches currently. According to Samwel, “we are witnessing great changes in the youth and the communities we work in. Youth are now inspired to pursue their passion. We have many students who have joined university. All this happened after Asante Africa taught them how to succeed in exams and self management.”                                                                                                                                                                          

Asante Africa Programs Asante Africa Programs





(Khatib, teaching students in his local community schools)

Khatib Mgunya, the YLC coordinator in Tabora, Tanzania, revealed that prior to becoming a beneficiary of Asante Africa, his life was a little bit strange because he never knew his responsibilities as a youth in society. He stated that “through the aid of Asante Africa’s program, I realized my position in my community. I now work as a leader, inspiring hundreds of people, who now wish to be like me. Asante Africa helped me realize my potential and position in my society. I now understand that my society needs me, and I have to use my potential to reach out to them. I became a leader and I teach students, and I mentor them to become leaders, change makers, and innovators in their society.”


These are just few of the many change makers you have helped us create. Through proven and sustainable initiatives, we are committed to closing the skills and gender gap for our youth. We are proud and grateful for each of our donors that have planted seeds, through their sponsorship of programs, in both lives and communities, impacting over 447,000 lives.

  – Written By: Innocent Iroaganachi


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