Tapping into Government Tablets for Digital Transformation

Asante Africa Foundation collaboration with the Kenya government schools to improve the quality of education using government-provided tablets


Digital Transformation is a key economic driver in Africa. To prepare its population for this digital era, the government of Kenya launched a Digital Literacy Program to improve the quality of education in public primary schools. This included training of teachers and learners on the basic use of technology. However, schools located in Kenya’s “last mile” rural communities face bigger challenges implementing this program due to lack of local expertise. This leaves schools with digital equipment that they know very little about how to use. Many schools, not knowing what to do, opted to lock the equipment in the safe cabinets.

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At Asante Africa, we believe that digital inclusion in the modern world is not just about computers, the internet, or even technology; it is about using technology as a channel to improve skills, enhance the quality of life, drive education, and promote economic well-being across all elements of society. Digital inclusion is about social inclusion.


Through our Digital Transformation Program, Asante Africa has partnered with the Government of Kenya to maximize the use of valuable digital equipment in the remote schools of Samburu, Turkana, Marsabit, and Narok to deliver quality education and transformative after-class life skills programs for the adolescent youth in these regions. To date, Asante Africa has facilitated the training of 409 teachers, 63 school administrators, and 2,631 students on digital learning in 65 schools in Kenya. Children have improved their digital skills and devices that were once locked in the safe are now competed for their use in different classes. With the continued partnership and Pay-it-Forward odel, the trained schools are becoming master trainers of their neighboring schools and therefore putting more devices into good use to improve the quality of education throughout Kenya.


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