Digs for Dignity Kits

October 1 – October 18

We are raising awareness and funds for dignity kits for youth in Kenya.

In Kenya, menstruation and feminine hygiene continues to be a barrier towards young girls completing their education. During menstruation, many girls do not attend school and become victims of gender-based violence or targets for early marriage in exchange for dowry.

Our faith calls us to follow the teaching “loving our neighbor in charity is to love God in man”. As a team, we want to partner with young girls in Kenya who lack the opportunities and basic necessity that we take for granted.

Join us as we work together to close the educational gap and build a world of educated and empowered girls.


Thanks to Jay and Mary Davis all donations will be generously matched 1:1, up to $10,000!

Watch the Video by Jay and Mary Davis

Your Donation is Matched $1 for 1$, making TWICE the impact!

What is Included in the DIGS FOR DIGNITY KITS? 


Our Digs for Dignity Kits Include:
Hygiene products, menstruation products, and clean underwear for 1 full school year!

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